Component: Prunus mume 乌梅

Description of the Component

Component ID
Latin Name
Prunus mume
English Name
Japanese apricot
Chinese Pinyin Name
Wu Mei
TCM Properties
TCM Meridians
Therapeutic Class English
Therapeutic Class Chinese
arrest persistent cough, relieve diarrhea by astringing the intestines, promote the production of body fluid, and relieve colic caused by ascaris
Geo-authentic habitats (道地产区)
Zhejiang Province
Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015)
Barcode ID
Barcode Source

TCM Prescriptions with the Component

Prescription ID Prescription English Name Prescription Chinese Name
TCMF7259 秦艽鳖甲散
TCMF2240 Mume Pills 乌梅丸
TCMF3342 Bao Hou Tablets 保喉片
TCMFx3765 Bing Mei Shang Qing Pills 冰梅上清丸
TCMFx3788 Bing Shuang Mei Su Pills 冰霜梅苏丸
TCMFx3546 Chun Mei Granules 春梅颗粒
TCMFx1867 CHYJ Stone Remover Decoction 金银汤
TCMF2571 Combined Recipe WCXH Decoction
TCMF3660 Cu Zhi Xiang Fu Pills 醋制香附丸
TCMF1835 Decoction for Warming the Spleen to Reliveve Vomiting 缩脾饮
TCMF2369 Diabetes Relieving Decorction 姜糖饮
TCMF6940 Er Xie Ting Granules 儿泻停颗粒
TCMF1798 Erchen Decoction, Two Cured Decoction 二陈汤
TCMF3161 Fang Shuai Yi Shou Pills 防衰益寿丸
TCMFx3201 Fei Er Gan Ji Granules 肥儿疳积颗粒
TCMFx3337 Feng Shi An Tai Tablets 风湿安泰片
TCMF411 Feng Shi Gu Tong Capsule 风湿骨痛胶囊
TCMF3383 Feng Shi Gu Tong Capsules 风湿骨痛胶囊
TCMF3391 Feng Shi Gu Tong Pills 风湿骨痛丸
TCMFx36 Fu Bi Shu Yin Dao Pao Teng Tablets 妇必舒阴道泡腾片
TCMFx778 Fu Fang Qing Dai Pills 复方青黛丸
TCMF3879 Fu Fang Qing Dai Pills 复方青黛丸
TCMF6931 Fu Fang Wu Mei Qu Shu Granules 复方乌梅祛暑颗粒
TCMF6924 Fu Fang Yu Gan Zi Li Yan Tablets 复方余甘子利咽片
TCMF401 Gan Ju Bing Mei Tablet 甘桔冰梅片
TCMF4020 Ge Jie Zhi Lao Pills 蛤蚧治痨丸
TCMF3619 Gu Chang Zhi Xie Pills 固肠止泻丸
TCMFx3393 Gu Ci Ning Wine 骨刺宁酒
TCMF3442 Gu Ci Xiao Tong Oral Liquid 骨刺消痛液
TCMFx2198 Guts Decoction
TCMF4202 Han Hua Shang Qing Tablets 含化上清片
TCMF4566 Hou Tong Tablets 喉痛片
TCMFx7186 Hua Bai Capsules 花百胶囊
TCMFx4932 Hua Zhi Ling Tablets 化痔灵片
TCMF6901 Huang Di Yang Yin Granules 黄地养阴颗粒
TCMF2175 Infectious Diarrhea Decoction
TCMF4279 Jian Shen Ning Tablets 健身宁片
TCMF4388 Jian Wei Xiao Yan Granules 健胃消炎颗粒
TCMF4047 Jin Mei Qing Shu Granules 金梅清暑颗粒
TCMF4323 Jing Wan Hong 京万红
TCMF4331 Jing Wan Hong Zhi Chuang Ointment 京万红痔疮膏
TCMF662 Jing Wan Hong Ointment 京万红软膏
TCMF2459 JY Roundworm Decoction
TCMF4198 Kang Shuai Ling Ointment 抗衰灵膏
TCMFx4343 Mei He Qi Pills 梅核气丸
TCMFx4353 Mei Su Infusion 梅苏冲剂
TCMFx4359 Mei Su Pills 梅苏丸
TCMF4585 Pi Wei Shu Pills 脾胃舒丸
TCMF1053 Pi Wei Shu Pills 脾胃舒丸
TCMF1358 Pill of Mume; Mume Pill 乌梅丸
TCMF1904 Pill of Sanguisorbae 地榆丸
TCMF2138 Powder Containing Nine Drugs; Nine Immortal Powder 九仙散
TCMF2429 Purifying and Swelling Reducing Decorction 鳖甲饮子
TCMF4999 Qiang Xin Pills 强心丸
TCMFx5399 Qing Liang Han Tablets 清凉含片
TCMF1084 Qing Yin Pills 清音丸
TCMF4983 Qing Yin Pills 清音丸
TCMFx2176 Qingyan Pills 清咽丸
TCMF5297 Quan Zhou Bai Cao Qu 泉州百草曲
TCMFx1808 Roundworm Decoction 连梅安蛔汤
TCMF2291 Roundworm Stablizing Decoction of Fructus Mume 乌梅汤
TCMFx5713 Ruan Shi Shang Qing Pills 阮氏上清丸
TCMFx5783 Run Hou Pills 润喉丸
TCMFx3164 Shen Bei Chen Pi 参贝陈皮
TCMF3352 Shen Mei Yang Wei Infusion 参梅养胃冲剂
TCMF5877 Shi Xiao Pills 湿消丸
TCMF5470 Shu Ling Hou Tablets 舒灵喉片
TCMF2404 Stagnation Relieving Recipe
TCMFx1967 Stomach Tonification Decoction 养胃理气汤
TCMFx1730 Tapeworm-Expelling Decoction 驱绦汤
TCMF2003 Three White Stomach Decoction 三白汤
TCMFx1935 Ulcer Decoction 溃疡康汤
TCMF5868 Wei Yan Ning Infusion 胃炎宁冲剂
TCMF1106 Wen Wei Shu Capsule 温胃舒胶囊
TCMF5969 Wen Wei Shu Capsules 温胃舒胶囊
TCMF5977 Wen Wei Shu Granules 温胃舒颗粒
TCMFx1587 WL Fries Recipe 乌龙煎剂
TCMFx1871 WM Qi Supporting Decoction 乌梅承气汤
TCMF2290 Worm Killing Decoction
TCMF417 Wu Jun Zhi Dan Tablet 乌军治胆片
TCMF5261 Wu Jun Zhi Dan Tablets 乌军治胆片
TCMF5269 Wu Mei Pills 乌梅丸
TCMF6651 Xiao Chuan Pills 哮喘丸
TCMF6038 Xiao Er Kang Infusion 小儿康冲剂
TCMF6474 Xiao Er Xie Li Tablets 小儿泻痢片
TCMF246 Xiao Er Xie Su Ting Granules 小儿泻速停颗粒
TCMF844 Yang Wei Granules 养胃颗粒
TCMF6813 Yang Wei Granules 养胃颗粒
TCMF6834 Yang Wei Shu Capsules 养胃舒胶囊
TCMF6839 Yang Wei Shu Granules 养胃舒颗粒
TCMF7160 Yang Wei Shu Ruan Capsules 养胃舒软胶囊
TCMFx6729 Yang Xian Feng Pills 羊痫风丸
TCMFx6978 Yin Hu Kang Gan Recipe 银胡抗感合剂
TCMF104 Yu Quan Capsule 玉泉胶囊
TCMF387 Yu Quan Granules 玉泉颗粒
TCMF7406 Yu Quan Pills 玉泉丸
TCMF6380 Yu Quan Tablets 玉泉片
TCMF452 Yun Kang Granules 孕康颗粒
TCMF451 Yun Kang Recipe 孕康合剂
TCMF6437 Zhi Hong Chang Bi Pills 止红肠辟丸
TCMF1065 Zhi Ning Tablet 痔宁片
TCMF315 Zhi Hong Chang Pi Pills 止红肠辟丸
TCMFx6570 Zhuang Yao Xiao Tong Oral Liquid 壮腰消痛液

Targeted Human Proteins by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Gene Symbol Target Name Target Class Uniprot ID
TCMT1 EHMT2 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase, H3 lysine-9 specific 3 Transferase Q96KQ7
TCMT100 TTR Transthyretin Unclassified P02766
TCMT101 PTPN1 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B Hydrolase P18031
TCMT11 HIF1A Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha Transcription factor Q16665
TCMT112 ADORA3 Adenosine A3 receptor GPCR P0DMS8
TCMT125 GBA Beta-glucocerebrosidase Hydrolase P04062
TCMT13 APEX1 DNA-(apurinic or apyrimidinic site) lyase Lyase P27695
TCMT130 ALOX5 Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase Oxidoreductase P09917
TCMT131 ACHE Acetylcholinesterase Hydrolase P22303
TCMT132 BCHE Butyrylcholinesterase Hydrolase P06276
TCMT133 CA1 Carbonic anhydrase I Lyase P00915
TCMT134 CA2 Carbonic anhydrase II Lyase P00918
TCMT135 CA14 Carbonic anhydrase XIV Lyase Q9ULX7
TCMT136 CA12 Carbonic anhydrase XII Lyase O43570
TCMT137 CA9 Carbonic anhydrase IX Lyase Q16790
TCMT138 CA7 Carbonic anhydrase VII Lyase P43166
TCMT139 CA6 Carbonic anhydrase VI Lyase P23280
TCMT140 CA5B Carbonic anhydrase VB Lyase Q9Y2D0
TCMT141 CA5A Carbonic anhydrase VA Lyase P35218
TCMT142 CA4 Carbonic anhydrase IV Lyase P22748
TCMT143 CA3 Carbonic anhydrase III Lyase P07451
TCMT150 RORC Nuclear receptor ROR-gamma Nuclear receptor P51449
TCMT151 PRKCA Protein kinase C alpha Kinase P17252
TCMT156 CYP19A1 Cytochrome P450 19A1 Oxidoreductase P11511
TCMT158 EPHX2 Epoxide hydratase Lyase P34913
TCMT159 TYR Tyrosinase Oxidoreductase P14679
TCMT161 HCAR2 Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 2 GPCR Q8TDS4
TCMT162 UGT1A1 UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1-1 Transferase P22309
TCMT166 AKR1C2 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member C2 Oxidoreductase P52895
TCMT167 AKR1C3 Aldo-keto-reductase family 1 member C3 Oxidoreductase P42330
TCMT168 AKR1C4 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member C4 Oxidoreductase P17516
TCMT17 POLB DNA polymerase beta Transferase P06746
TCMT174 HSD11B1 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 Oxidoreductase P28845
TCMT18 GAA Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase Hydrolase P10253
TCMT187 AR Androgen Receptor Nuclear receptor P10275
TCMT189 DUSP3 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 3 Hydrolase P51452
TCMT195 MAP2K1 Dual specificity mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 Kinase Q02750
TCMT2 MAPT Microtubule-associated protein tau Unclassified P10636
TCMT206 CYP2A6 Cytochrome P450 2A6 Oxidoreductase P11509
TCMT207 BACE1 Beta-secretase 1 Protease P56817
TCMT210 CES2 Carboxylesterase 2 Hydrolase O00748
TCMT211 CES1 Acyl coenzyme A:cholesterol acyltransferase Transferase P23141
TCMT212 SRC Tyrosine-protein kinase SRC Kinase P12931
TCMT215 CYP1A1 Cytochrome P450 1A1 Oxidoreductase P04798
TCMT217 CYP2C8 Cytochrome P450 2C8 Oxidoreductase P10632
TCMT219 CYP1A2 Cytochrome P450 1A2 Oxidoreductase P05177
TCMT22 ALPI Intestinal alkaline phosphatase Hydrolase P09923
TCMT220 CYP2J2 Cytochrome P450 2J2 Oxidoreductase P51589
TCMT223 AKR1B1 Aldose reductase Oxidoreductase P15121
TCMT225 CA13 Carbonic anhydrase XIII Lyase Q8N1Q1
TCMT23 ALPL Alkaline phosphatase, tissue-nonspecific isozyme Hydrolase P05186
TCMT236 ESR2 Estrogen receptor beta Nuclear receptor Q92731
TCMT239 PIM1 Serine/threonine-protein kinase PIM1 Kinase P11309
TCMT240 AMY1A Salivary alpha-amylase Unclassified P04745
TCMT248 CXCL8 Interleukin-8 Unclassified P10145
TCMT249 CDK6 Cyclin-dependent kinase 6 Kinase Q00534
TCMT254 CBR1 Carbonyl reductase [NADPH] 1 Oxidoreductase P16152
TCMT257 CYP1B1 Cytochrome P450 1B1 Oxidoreductase Q16678
TCMT260 FLT3 Tyrosine-protein kinase receptor FLT3 Kinase P36888
TCMT261 DAPK1 Death-associated protein kinase 1 Kinase P53355
TCMT265 GSK3B Glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta Kinase P49841
TCMT27 DRD1 Dopamine D1 receptor GPCR P21728
TCMT276 SLCO2B1 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 2B1 Transporter O94956
TCMT277 SLCO1B3 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B3 Transporter Q9NPD5
TCMT278 SLCO1B1 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B1 Transporter Q9Y6L6
TCMT280 AKR1B10 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member B10 Oxidoreductase O60218
TCMT281 DPP4 Dipeptidyl peptidase IV Unclassified P27487
TCMT295 MMP1 Matrix metalloproteinase-1 Hydrolase P03956
TCMT297 FABP4 Fatty acid binding protein adipocyte Unclassified P15090
TCMT298 FABP3 Fatty acid binding protein muscle Hydrolase P05413
TCMT3 ALOX15 Arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase Oxidoreductase P16050
TCMT30 PTGS2 Cyclooxygenase-2 Oxidoreductase P35354
TCMT306 MMP2 Matrix metalloproteinase-2 Hydrolase P08253
TCMT31 CYP2C19 Cytochrome P450 2C19 Oxidoreductase P33261
TCMT320 MMP3 Matrix metalloproteinase 3 Hydrolase P08254
TCMT321 MMP9 Matrix metalloproteinase 9 Hydrolase P14780
TCMT322 MMP13 Matrix metalloproteinase 13 Hydrolase P45452
TCMT33 CYP3A4 Cytochrome P450 3A4 Oxidoreductase P08684
TCMT331 PLG Plasminogen Unclassified P00747
TCMT333 CTBP2 C-terminal-binding protein 2 Unclassified P56545
TCMT34 CYP2D6 Cytochrome P450 2D6 Oxidoreductase P10635
TCMT36 HTR1A Serotonin 1a (5-HT1a) receptor GPCR P08908
TCMT369 IGF1R Insulin-like growth factor I receptor Kinase P08069
TCMT370 KDR Vascular endothelial growth factor receptor 2 Kinase P35968
TCMT374 AURKB Serine/threonine-protein kinase Aurora-B Kinase Q96GD4
TCMT388 AXL Tyrosine-protein kinase receptor UFO Kinase P30530
TCMT39 PDE5A Phosphodiesterase 5A Hydrolase O76074
TCMT401 MET Hepatocyte growth factor receptor Kinase P08581
TCMT402 ALK ALK tyrosine kinase receptor Kinase Q9UM73
TCMT41 IDH1 Isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] cytoplasmic Oxidoreductase O75874
TCMT42 KMT2A Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase MLL Transferase Q03164
TCMT422 CAMK2B CaM kinase II beta Kinase Q13554
TCMT423 EGFR Epidermal growth factor receptor erbB1 Kinase P00533
TCMT436 NUAK1 NUAK family SNF1-like kinase 1 Kinase O60285
TCMT44 GLO1 Glyoxalase I Lyase Q04760
TCMT441 PTK2 Focal adhesion kinase 1 Kinase Q05397
TCMT445 NEK2 Serine/threonine-protein kinase NEK2 Kinase P51955
TCMT45 APP Beta amyloid A4 protein Unclassified P05067
TCMT460 MAPKAPK2 MAP kinase-activated protein kinase 2 Kinase P49137
TCMT462 NEK6 Serine/threonine-protein kinase NEK6 Kinase Q9HC98
TCMT47 BCL2 Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2 Ion channel P10415
TCMT479 AKT1 Serine/threonine-protein kinase AKT Kinase P31749
TCMT484 PLK1 Serine/threonine-protein kinase PLK1 Kinase P53350
TCMT507 MAPK14 MAP kinase p38 alpha Kinase Q16539
TCMT508 SYK Tyrosine-protein kinase SYK Kinase P43405
TCMT558 TOP2A DNA topoisomerase II alpha Isomerase P11388
TCMT592 XDH Xanthine dehydrogenase Oxidoreductase P47989
TCMT599 UBE2N Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 N Transferase P61088
TCMT6 NFKB1 Nuclear factor NF-kappa-B p105 subunit Transcription factor P19838
TCMT60 FASN Fatty acid synthase Unclassified P49327
TCMT601 F2 Thrombin Unclassified P00734
TCMT609 CTSL Cathepsin L Unclassified P07711
TCMT614 EGLN1 Egl nine homolog 1 Oxidoreductase Q9GZT9
TCMT629 ABCC1 Multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 Transporter P33527
TCMT63 PPARA Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor alpha Nuclear receptor Q07869
TCMT64 PPARD Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor delta Nuclear receptor Q03181
TCMT647 ADRA2B Alpha-2b adrenergic receptor GPCR P18089
TCMT65 HSD17B1 Estradiol 17-beta-dehydrogenase 1 Oxidoreductase P14061
TCMT66 HSD17B2 Estradiol 17-beta-dehydrogenase 2 Oxidoreductase P37059
TCMT67 PPARG Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma Nuclear receptor P37231
TCMT69 THRB Thyroid hormone receptor beta-1 Nuclear receptor P10828
TCMT734 MMP12 Matrix metalloproteinase 12 Hydrolase P39900
TCMT739 GPR35 G-protein coupled receptor 35 GPCR Q9HC97
TCMT740 PIK3CG PI3-kinase p110-gamma subunit Transferase P48736
TCMT747 ABCG2 ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2 Transporter Q9UNQ0
TCMT784 AVPR2 Vasopressin V2 receptor GPCR P30518
TCMT785 CXCR1 Interleukin-8 receptor A GPCR P25024
TCMT786 CCR4 C-C chemokine receptor type 4 GPCR P51679
TCMT791 PKN1 Protein kinase N1 Kinase Q16512
TCMT793 PYGL Liver glycogen phosphorylase Transferase P06737
TCMT8 KDM4E Lysine-specific demethylase 4D-like Oxidoreductase B2RXH2
TCMT80 MAPK1 MAP kinase ERK2 Kinase P28482
TCMT808 FABP5 Fatty acid binding protein epidermal Unclassified Q01469
TCMT809 FABP2 Fatty acid binding protein intestinal Unclassified P12104
TCMT81 ALOX12 Arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase Oxidoreductase P18054
TCMT810 TLR2 Toll-like receptor 2 Unclassified O60603
TCMT82 ESR1 Estrogen receptor alpha Nuclear receptor P03372
TCMT83 CD38 Lymphocyte differentiation antigen CD38 Unclassified P28907
TCMT87 CYP2C9 Cytochrome P450 2C9 Oxidoreductase P11712
TCMT95 MPG DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase Hydrolase P29372
TCMT99 SHBG Testis-specific androgen-binding protein Unclassified P04278

Targeted Pathogenic Microbes by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Target Name
TCMT1090 Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 integrase
TCMT1092 Fatty acid synthase
TCMT1093 Enoyl-acyl-carrier protein reductase
TCMT1094 3-oxoacyl-acyl-carrier protein reductase
TCMT1099 Neuraminidase
TCMT1108 Integrase
TCMT1109 Reverse transcriptase
TCMT1112 Quinolone resistance protein norA
TCMT1121 Sialidase
TCMT1136 Neuraminidase
TCMT1175 Human immunodeficiency virus
TCMT1189 Pseudomonas fluorescens
TCMT1208 Escherichia coli K12
TCMT1212 Verticillium dahliae
TCMT1218 Staphylococcus aureus
TCMT1222 Plasmodium falciparum D6
TCMT1223 Staphylococcus epidermidis
TCMT1229 Enterococcus faecalis
TCMT1246 Escherichia coli
TCMT1251 Candida albicans
TCMT1253 Penicillium chrysogenum
TCMT1286 Bacillus cereus
TCMT1294 Human parainfluenza virus 3
TCMT1346 Helicobacter pylori
TCMT1349 Helicobacter pylori SS1
TCMT1361 Neisseria meningitidis
TCMT1382 Plasmodium falciparum (isolate K1 / Thailand)
TCMT1412 Salmonella typhimurium
TCMT1438 Plasmodium falciparum
TCMT1442 Leishmania donovani
TCMT1443 Leishmania amazonensis
TCMT1447 Respiratory syncytial virus
TCMT1450 Plasmodium falciparum 3D7
TCMT1454 Bacillus subtilis
TCMT1455 Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
TCMT1458 Filobasidiella neoformans
TCMT1462 Streptococcus mutans
TCMT1463 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
TCMT1465 Entamoeba histolytica

Ingredient Structrues

Ingredient ID: TCMC999
Formula: C10H20O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC963
Formula: CHN

Ingredient ID: TCMC923
Formula: C6H8O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC913
Formula: C15H14O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC897
Formula: C16H18O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC878
Formula: C15H14O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC847
Formula: C9H8O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC836
Formula: C4H6O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC801
Formula: C29H50O

Ingredient ID: TCMC774
Formula: C7H8O

Ingredient ID: TCMC761
Formula: C7H6O

Ingredient ID: TCMC731
Formula: C6H8O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC69
Formula: C4H6O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC553
Formula: C6H6O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC548
Formula: C28H34O15

Ingredient ID: TCMC525
Formula: C15H12O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC459
Formula: C6H8O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC4138
Formula: C20H27NO11

Ingredient ID: TCMC411
Formula: C18H16O8

Ingredient ID: TCMC391
Formula: C5H6O

Ingredient ID: TCMC2913
Formula: C6H3N3O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC24
Formula: C15H14O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC2131
Formula: C4H6O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC2130
Formula: C4H6O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC2123
Formula: C20H20O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC2111
Formula: C4H6O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC2031
Formula: C27H30O16

Ingredient ID: TCMC1982
Formula: C15H10O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC1843
Formula: C7H8O

Ingredient ID: TCMC1830
Formula: C16H32O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC182
Formula: C9H8O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC1735
Formula: C27H32O14

Ingredient ID: TCMC1734
Formula: C15H12O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC1644
Formula: C29H40O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC1457
Formula: C3H6O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC1409
Formula: C21H20O12