Component: Ophiopogon japonicus 麦冬

Description of the Component

Component ID
Latin Name
Ophiopogon japonicus
English Name
Chinese Pinyin Name
Mai Dong
TCM Properties
Minor cold,Minor Cool,Sweet
TCM Meridians
Therapeutic Class English
For tonifying weakness
Therapeutic Class Chinese
nourish yin and promote the production of body fluid, moisten the lung, and ease the mind
Geo-authentic habitats (道地产区)
Zhejiang Province
Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015)
Barcode ID
Barcode Source

TCM Prescriptions with the Component

Prescription ID Prescription English Name Prescription Chinese Name
TCMF2377 Added Flavor Two Place Decoction 加味两地汤
TCMF2936 An Gong Jiang Ya Pills 安宫降压丸
TCMF525 An Gong Jiang Ya Pills 安宫降压丸
TCMF2931 An Kang Xin Bao Pills 安康心宝丸
TCMF2932 An Mian Bu Nao Syrup 安眠补脑糖浆
TCMF529 An Shen Capsule 安神胶囊
TCMF2943 An Shen Capsules 安神胶囊
TCMF2934 An Shen Jian Nao Oral Liquid 安神健脑液
TCMF2959 An Sou Hua Tan Pills 安嗽化痰丸
TCMF3113 Bai Bu Wine 百补酒
TCMF110 Bai He Gu Jin Granules 百合固金颗粒
TCMF3144 Bai He Gu Jin Pills 百合固金丸
TCMF3160 Bai Hua Ding Chuan Pills 百花定喘丸
TCMFx3152 Bai Hua Ding Chuan Tablets 百花定喘片
TCMFx3175 Bai Ke Jing Syrup 百咳静糖浆
TCMF7090 Bai Le Mian Capsules 百乐眠胶囊
TCMF3097 Bai Yi Zhen Jing Pills 白益镇惊丸
TCMF3057 Bai Zi Zi Xin Pills 柏子滋心丸
TCMF497 Bai He Gu Jin Oral Liquid 百合固金口服液
TCMF498 Bai He Gu Jin Tablet 百合固金片
TCMFx499 Bai Ke Jing Syrup 百咳静糖浆
TCMF2272 Baihe Gujin Pills 百合固金丸
TCMF1366 Baihe Gujin Pills 百合固金丸
TCMF3342 Bao Hou Tablets 保喉片
TCMFx3557 Bei Mu Er Dong Ointment 贝母二冬膏
TCMFx3615 Bi Yan Ling Tablets 鼻咽灵片
TCMFx1169 Bi Yan Ling Tablet 鼻咽灵片
TCMF2444 Blood Tonifying Period Modulation Decoction 调经补血汤
TCMFx2325 Bolus for Serious Endogenous Wind Syndrome, Major Wind Calming Pill 大定风珠
TCMF1447 Bolus of Dendrobii for Poor Vision 石斛夜光丸
TCMF2627 Bolus of Dendrobii for Poor Vision 石斛夜光丸
TCMF2343 Bolus of Placenta Homimis 河车八味丸
TCMFx3859 Bu Jin Tablets 补金片
TCMFx6897 Bu Shen Yang Xue Capsules 补肾养血胶囊
TCMF3014 Bu Shen Yi Nao Capsules 补肾益脑胶囊
TCMF613 Bu Shen Yi Nao Pills 补肾益脑丸
TCMF3022 Bu Shen Yi Nao Tablets 补肾益脑片
TCMF3043 Bu Xin Tablets 补心片
TCMF2567 Bushen Yinao Tablets 补肾益脑片
TCMF1414 Bushen Yinao Tablets 补肾益脑片
TCMF6848 Chang Cheng Zhi Ke Chuan Syrup 长城止咳喘糖浆
TCMF5993 Chang Chun Bao Oral Liquid 长春宝口服液
TCMF6001 Chang Chun Bao Pills 长春宝丸
TCMF6032 Chang Chun Yi Shou Ointment 长春益寿膏
TCMF3349 Chuan Bei Qing Fei Syrup 川贝清肺糖浆
TCMFx6928 Chuan Bei Xue Li Syrup 川贝雪梨糖浆
TCMFx1268 Chuanbei Xueli Concentrated Decoction 川贝雪梨膏
TCMFx1790 Chuanbei Xueli Concentrated Decoction 川贝雪梨膏
TCMF3700 Da Hu Zhuang Yuan Pills 打虎壮元丸
TCMF2180 Dampness and Stagnation Decoction
TCMFx3126 Dang Shen Gu Ben Pills 党参固本丸
TCMF2157 Dazao Bolus 大造丸
TCMF2144 Decoction for Clearing Away Heat Evil in Yingfen 清营汤
TCMF2031 Decoction of Asparagi and Ophiopogonis 二冬汤
TCMF1934 Decoction of lophatheri and Gypsum Fibrosum 竹叶石膏汤
TCMF2143 Decoction of Nelumbinis for Eliminating Heart Fire 清心莲子饮
TCMF2479 Decoction of Poria for Eliminating Fluid 导水茯苓汤
TCMF2560 Decoction of Rehmanniae 地黄引子
TCMFx1838 Decoction of Rehmanniae and Obstetrics 两地汤
TCMFx1795 Decoction of Seven-Ingredients 葱白七味饮
TCMF2243 Decoction of Yellow Dragon with Supplements 新加黄龙汤
TCMFx1563 Decoction to Increase Body Fluids 增液汤
TCMFx1724 Decoction to Treat Diphtheria 抗白喉合剂
TCMF493 Deng Zhan Sheng Mai Capsule 灯盏生脉胶囊
TCMFx1684 Diabetes Pill 玉泉丸
TCMFx1191 Dian Xian Kang Capsule 癫痫康胶囊
TCMFx3294 Dian Xian Kang Capsules 癫痫康胶囊
TCMF3568 Ding Kun Pills 定坤丸
TCMF3576 Ding Xin Pills 定心丸
TCMF2528 Divine Ruler Heart Restoring Pills 天王补心丹
TCMF2619 Donkey-hide Gelatin with Ginseng and Pilose Antler 参茸阿胶
TCMF2092 Double Yin Fries 二阴煎
TCMFx2145 Dryness Cooling Lung Saving Decoction 清燥救肺汤
TCMF2914 E Jiao Sheng Hua Ointment 阿胶生化膏
TCMF1991 Early Stage Decoction
TCMFx2512 Empty Cave Tuberculosis Recipe
TCMF188 Er Bao Granules 儿宝颗粒
TCMF3854 Er Bao Granules 儿宝颗粒
TCMF3846 Er Bao Ointment 儿宝膏
TCMF2869 Er Dong Decoction 二冬汤
TCMF3869 Er Kang Ning 儿康宁
TCMF189 Er Kang Ning Syrup 儿康宁糖浆
TCMF3023 Er Mu An Sou Pills 二母安嗽丸
TCMF187 Er Mu An Sou Pills 二母安嗽丸
TCMFx3015 Er Mu An Sou Syrup 二母安嗽糖浆
TCMF3009 Er Mu An Sou Tablets 二母安嗽片
TCMF8 Er Shi Qi Wei Ding Kun Pills 二十七味定坤丸
TCMFx1214 Erdong Concentrated Decoction 二冬膏
TCMFx1510 Erdong Concentrated Decoction 二冬膏
TCMF2370 Four Shen Pulse Recovery Decoction 四参复脉汤
TCMF540 Fu Bao Granules 妇宝颗粒
TCMF3764 Fu Bao Granules 妇宝颗粒
TCMFx3205 Fu Fang Bai Bu Zhi Ke Infusion 复方百部止咳冲剂
TCMFx3213 Fu Fang Bai Bu Zhi Ke Syrup 复方百部止咳糖浆
TCMFx3332 Fu Fang Chuan Bei Zhi Ke Syrup 复方川贝止咳糖浆
TCMF3887 Fu Fang Qing Guo Infusion 复方青果冲剂
TCMF3952 Fu Fang Shi Hu Tablets 复方石斛片
TCMFx3040 Fu Fang Tian Ma Granules 复方天麻颗粒
TCMF7170 Fu Fang Wu Hua Guo Han Tablets 复方无花果含片
TCMFx3111 Fu Fang Wu Wei Zi Ding 复方五味子酊
TCMF3789 Fu Kang Ning Tablets 妇康宁片
TCMF3948 Fu Ke Yang Rong Pills 妇科养荣丸
TCMFx3675 Fu Zheng Yang Yin Pills 扶正养阴丸
TCMFx3667 Fu Zheng Yang Yin Tablets 扶正养阴片
TCMF6823 Gan Cao Recipe 甘草合剂
TCMF3527 Gan Lu Xiao Ke Capsules 甘露消渴胶囊
TCMF3713 Gan Mao Jie Du Granules 感冒解毒颗粒
TCMFx7091 Gan Mao Jie Du Ling Granules 感冒解毒灵颗粒
TCMF3721 Gan Mao Jie Du Ling Tea 感冒解毒灵茶
TCMF3729 Gan Mao Jie Du Tablets 感冒解毒片
TCMFx3618 Gan Shen Zi 肝肾滋
TCMFx3937 Gao Xue Ya Su Jiang Pills 高血压速降丸
TCMFx3995 Ge Jie Ding Chuan Pills 蛤蚧定喘丸
TCMF4004 Ge Jie Yang Fei Pills 蛤蚧养肺丸
TCMFx1040 Ge Jie Ding Chuan Capsule 蛤蚧定喘胶囊
TCMFx2534 Gejie Dingchuan Pills 蛤蚧定喘丸
TCMFx1404 Gejie Dingchuan Pills 蛤蚧定喘丸
TCMFx551 Geng Nian An Capsule 更年安胶囊
TCMFx3969 Geng Nian An Capsules 更年安胶囊
TCMFx56 Geng Nian An Pills 更年安丸
TCMF1924 Glehnia Ophiopogon Decoction 沙参麦冬汤
TCMF3318 Gou Qi Yi Yuan Wine 枸杞益元酒
TCMF3595 Gu Ben Ke Chuan Tablets 固本咳喘片
TCMFx3608 Gu Ben Pills 固本丸
TCMF3614 Gu Ben Yan Ling Pills 固本延龄丸
TCMF637 Gu Ben Ke Chuan Tablet 固本咳喘片
TCMF3832 Guan Xin Sheng Mai Pills 冠心生脉丸
TCMF880 Guan Xin Sheng Mai Oral Liquid 冠心生脉口服液
TCMFx4054 Gui Lu Er Jiao Pills 龟鹿二胶丸
TCMFx4075 Gui Lu Zi Shen Pills 龟鹿滋肾丸
TCMF4372 He Che Bu Pills 河车补丸
TCMF7109 He Che Da Zao Capsules 河车大造胶囊
TCMFx4335 He Wei An Mian Pills 和胃安眠丸
TCMFx2594 Hear Clearng Decoction
TCMF2091 Heart Boosting Decoction 强心饮
TCMF2311 Heart Decay Combination Recipe 心衰合剂
TCMFx2077 Heart Stablizing Decoction
TCMF2438 Heat Clearing and Spirit Calming Decoction 清热镇惊汤
TCMF2253 Heat Cooling Qi Enhancing Decoction
TCMF2035 Heche Dazao Pills 河车大造丸
TCMF4497 Hong Mao Yao Wine 鸿茅药酒
TCMF4718 Hu Po An Shen Pills 琥珀安神丸
TCMF4733 Hu Po Huan Qing Pills 琥珀还晴丸
TCMF1096 Hu Po Hai Jing Pills 琥珀还睛丸
TCMF6901 Huang Di Yang Yin Granules 黄地养阴颗粒
TCMFx4127 Huang Qi Sheng Mai Yin 黄芪生脉饮
TCMFx4297 Huo Li Yuan Oral Liquid 活力源口服液
TCMFx4305 Huo Li Yuan Tablets 活力源片
TCMF4409 Huo Xue Tong Mai Tablets 活血通脉片
TCMFx1624 Infusion of Pilose Asiabell and Wolfberry Fruit 参七冲剂
TCMFx1741 Jade Maid Decoction, Gypsum Decoction 玉女煎
TCMFx4657 Ji Kun Pills 济坤丸
TCMF4588 Ji Su Pills 鸡苏丸
TCMF7230 Jian Er Qiang Gu Granules 健儿强骨颗粒
TCMFx6858 Jian Er Su Granules 健儿素颗粒
TCMFx4006 Jian Er Su Infusion 健儿素冲剂
TCMF4022 Jian Er Xiao Shi Oral Liquid 健儿消食口服液
TCMF905 Jian Er Xiao Shi Oral Liquid 健儿消食口服液
TCMFx6987 Jian Fei Pills 健肺丸
TCMF4088 Jian Min Yan Hou Tablets 健民咽喉片
TCMFx906 Jian Min Yan Hou Tablet 健民咽喉片
TCMF912 Jian Nao An Shen Tablet 健脑安神片
TCMF4095 Jian Nao An Shen Tablets 健脑安神片
TCMFx4285 Jian Shen Quan Lu Pills 健身全鹿丸
TCMF6953 Jian Yan Ling 健延龄
TCMF4492 Jiang Tang Ning Capsules 降糖宁胶囊
TCMF4501 Jiang Tang Shu Capsules 降糖舒胶囊
TCMFx4645 Jie Bei Recipe 桔贝合剂
TCMF4708 Jie Biao Qing Jin Powder 解表清金散
TCMFx4663 Jie He Pills 结核丸
TCMFx651 Jin Guo Han Tablet 金果含片
TCMFx702 Jin Guo Yin 金果饮
TCMFx4875 Jin Guo Yin 金果饮
TCMFx4882 Jin Guo Yin Yan Hou Tablets 金果饮咽喉片
TCMFx703 Jin Guo Yin Yan Hou Tablet 金果饮咽喉片
TCMF851 Jin Li Da Granules 津力达颗粒
TCMFx717 Jin Sang Qing Yin Pills 金嗓清音丸
TCMFx4126 Jin Sang Qing Yin Pills 金嗓清音丸
TCMFx4132 Jin Sang San Jie Capsules 金嗓散结胶囊
TCMFx4139 Jin Sang San Jie Pills 金嗓散结丸
TCMFx718 Jin Sang San Jie Pills 金嗓散结丸
TCMF4452 Jing Zhi Wu Jia Pi Wine 精制五加皮酒
TCMFx4743 Ju Hong Li Ointment 橘红梨膏
TCMFx1174 Ju Hong Capsule 橘红胶囊
TCMFx1176 Ju Hong Granules 橘红颗粒
TCMFx1172 Ju Hong Tablet 橘红片
TCMFx1412 Juhong Pills 橘红丸
TCMFx2564 Juhong Pills; Tangerine Peel Bolus 橘红丸
TCMF4040 Kang Bian Tao Xian Yan Recipe 抗扁桃腺炎合剂
TCMF1069 Kang Er Xin Capsule 康尔心胶囊
TCMF4879 Kang Er Xin Capsules 康尔心胶囊
TCMF4117 Kang Ji Xiao Ke Tablets 抗饥消渴片
TCMF4164 Kang Nao Shuai Capsules 抗脑衰胶囊
TCMFx4017 Kang Shou Pills 康寿丸
TCMFx6967 Kang Shuai Lao Tablets 抗衰老片
TCMF4198 Kang Shuai Ling Ointment 抗衰灵膏
TCMF4239 Ke Chuan Jing Syrup 咳喘静糖浆
TCMFx4263 Ke Chuan Shu Tablets 咳喘舒片
TCMFx7164 Ke Ke Ping Capsules 咳克平胶囊
TCMF4477 Kou Yan Qing Granules 口炎清颗粒
TCMFx184 Kou Yan Qing Granules 口炎清颗粒
TCMF669 Kun Bao Pills 坤宝丸
TCMF4652 Kun Bao Pills 坤宝丸
TCMF4667 Kun Ling Pills 坤灵丸
TCMF479 Le Er Kang Syrup 乐儿康糖浆
TCMF4860 Li Qi Ding Chuan Pills 理气定喘丸
TCMF4035 Li Yan Jie Du Granules 利咽解毒颗粒
TCMF602 Li Yan Jie Du Granules 利咽解毒颗粒
TCMF2203 Lilium Lung Preserving Decoction 百合固金汤
TCMFx4406 Ling Yang Qing Fei Granules 羚羊清肺颗粒
TCMFx123 Ling Yang Qing Fei Granules 羚羊清肺颗粒
TCMFx4423 Ling Yang Qing Fei Pills 羚羊清肺丸
TCMFx1443 Lingyang Qingfei Pills 羚羊清肺丸
TCMFx2623 Lingyang Qingfei Pills 羚羊清肺丸
TCMFx6885 Liu Wei Zeng Shi Recipe 六味增食合剂
TCMFx4659 Long Mu Zhuang Gu Granules 龙牡壮骨颗粒
TCMFx4668 Long Nao An Shen Pills 龙脑安神丸
TCMF1921 Lung Fire Clearing Decoction 芩连四物汤
TCMF2399 Lung Powder for Children
TCMFx2012 Lung-heat-Clearing Syrup of Sichuan Fritillary Bulb 川贝清肺糖浆
TCMFx4180 Mai Luo Tong 脉络通
TCMFx4124 Mai Wei Di Huang Oral Liquid 麦味地黄口服液
TCMFx4141 Mai Wei Di Huang Pills 麦味地黄丸
TCMFx4133 Mai Wei Di Huang Tablets 麦味地黄片
TCMFx2043 Maiwei Dihuang Pills 麦味地黄丸
TCMFx1316 Maiwei Dihuang Pills; Lung Kidney Deficiency Cough Pill 麦味地黄丸
TCMF4246 Man Gan Yang Yin Capsules 慢肝养阴胶囊
TCMF2423 Meridian Warming Decoction 温经汤
TCMF4523 Ming Mu Shang Qing Pills 明目上清丸
TCMF636 Ming Mu Shang Qing Tablet 明目上清片
TCMF4514 Ming Mu Shang Qing Tablets 明目上清片
TCMF4529 Ming Mu Yang Gan Pills 明目羊肝丸
TCMF2447 MJ Pleasure Decoction
TCMFx4538 Mo Luo Dan 摩罗丹
TCMF1804 Modified Pulse Restoring Decoction 加减复脉汤
TCMFx1744 Moistening Qi Regulating Decoction 增液乘气汤
TCMF4639 Nan Bao Capsules 男宝胶囊
TCMF4772 Nao Ling Su Capsules 脑灵素胶囊
TCMF4779 Nao Ling Su Tablets 脑灵素片
TCMF4764 Nao Ling Tablets 脑灵片
TCMF4915 Ning Shen Pills 宁神丸
TCMF4922 Ning Sou Hua Tan Pills 宁嗽化痰丸
TCMFx339 Niu Huang Jing Nao Tablet 牛黄净脑片
TCMF5015 Niu Huang Jing Nao Tablets 牛黄净脑片
TCMF5022 Niu Huang Ning Gong Tablets 牛黄宁宫片
TCMF100 Niu Huang Qing Gong Pills 牛黄清宫丸
TCMF4201 Niu Huang Qing Gong Pills 牛黄清宫丸
TCMF4236 Niu Huang Qing Wei Pills 牛黄清胃丸
TCMF4258 Niu Huang Xi Ling Pills 牛黄西羚丸
TCMF2670 Ophiopogon Decoction 麦门冬汤
TCMF1811 Ophiopogon Decoction 麦门冬汤
TCMF989 Pei Kun Pills 培坤丸
TCMF4487 Pei Kun Pills 培坤丸
TCMF4556 Pi Shen Liang Zhu Pills 脾肾两助丸
TCMF4564 Pi Shen Shuang Bu Pills 脾肾双补丸
TCMF4601 Pian Tan Fu Yuan Pills 偏瘫复元丸
TCMFx2561 Pill for Relieving Epilepsy 定痫丸
TCMF2612 Pills of Dioscoreae 薯蓣丸
TCMF4666 Ping Feng Sheng Mai Capsules 屏风生脉胶囊
TCMF2462 Plus and Minus Eight Pearl Decoction 加减八珍汤
TCMF2569 Plus and Minus Sea Cleansing Bolus 加减清海丸
TCMFx2067 Powder for Activitating Blood Circulation, Moistening Dryness and Promoting the Production of Body Fluid 活血润燥生津散
TCMFx1552 Pulse Generating Powder 生脉散
TCMFx1609 Pulse Promoting Powder 参麦散
TCMFx1603 Pulse-Activating Decoction 生脉饮
TCMFx1265 Pulse-Invigorating and Heart-Nourishing Pill 通脉养心丸
TCMFx1781 Pulse-Invigorating and Heart-Nourishing Pills 通脉养心丸
TCMFx2173 Qi Benefiting and Yin Nourishing Decoction 益气养阴汤
TCMF130 Qi Dong Yi Xin Granules 芪冬颐心颗粒
TCMF592 Qi Dong Yi Xin Oral Liquid 芪冬颐心口服液
TCMF4970 Qiang Shen Oral Liquid 强身口服液
TCMF4999 Qiang Xin Pills 强心丸
TCMF5165 Qing Fei Ning Sou Pills 清肺宁嗽丸
TCMF5231 Qing Ge Pills 清膈丸
TCMF1089 Qing Ge Pills 清膈丸
TCMF5244 Qing Gong Chang Chun Capsules 清宫长春胶囊
TCMFx5238 Qing Gong Shou Tao Pills 清宫寿桃丸
TCMF5066 Qing Guo Pills 青果丸
TCMF5073 Qing Guo Zhi Sou Pills 青果止嗽丸
TCMFx7044 Qing Hou Yan Granules 清喉咽颗粒
TCMFx5266 Qing Hou Yan Infusion 清喉咽冲剂
TCMFx70 Qing Hou Yan Recipe 清喉咽合剂
TCMF5287 Qing Huo Wei Mai Capsules 清火桅麦胶囊
TCMF93 Qing Huo Zhi Mai Capsule 清火栀麦胶囊
TCMF5294 Qing Huo Zhi Mai Capsules 清火栀麦胶囊
TCMF92 Qing Huo Zhi Mai Pills 清火栀麦丸
TCMF1082 Qing Huo Zhi Mai Tablet 清火栀麦片
TCMF5302 Qing Huo Zhi Mai Tablets 清火栀麦片
TCMF5317 Qing Jiang Pills 清降丸
TCMF5310 Qing Jiang Tablets 清降片
TCMFx5324 Qing Jin Li Sou Pills 清金理嗽丸
TCMF5340 Qing Jin Zhi Sou Hua Tan Pills 清金止嗽化痰丸
TCMF5348 Qing Jin Zhi Sou Xi Gua Ointment 清金止嗽西瓜膏
TCMF5435 Qing Nao An Shen Pills 清脑安神丸
TCMF5443 Qing Nao Fu Shen Oral Liquid 清脑复神液
TCMF6947 Qing Re Jie Du Capsules 清热解毒胶囊
TCMF76 Qing Re Jie Du Oral Liquid 清热解毒口服液
TCMF5548 Qing Re Jie Du Oral Liquid 清热解毒口服液
TCMF7053 Qing Re Jie Du Ruan Capsules 清热解毒软胶囊
TCMF5555 Qing Re Jie Du Tablets 清热解毒片
TCMF5563 Qing Re Jie Du Zhu She Oral Liquid 清热解毒注射液
TCMF5675 Qing Re Yang Yin Pills 清热养阴丸
TCMF1087 Qing Re Jie Du Tablet 清热解毒片
TCMF5738 Qing Shu Yi Qi Pills 清暑益气丸
TCMF73 Qing Shu Yi Qi Pills 清暑益气丸
TCMF5814 Qing Xin Lian Zi Yin 清心莲子饮
TCMF5822 Qing Xin Ming Mu Shang Qing Pills 清心明目上清丸
TCMFx5831 Qing Xin Niu Huang Tablets 清心牛黄片
TCMFx5840 Qing Xin Pills 清心丸
TCMFx80 Qing Xuan Zhi Tan Pills 清眩治瘫丸
TCMFx5864 Qing Xuan Zhi Tan Pills 清眩治瘫丸
TCMF68 Qing Yan Run Hou Pills 清咽润喉丸
TCMF4958 Qing Yan Run Hou Pills 清咽润喉丸
TCMFx4992 Qing Zao Run Fei Recipe 清燥润肺合剂
TCMF1309 Qingguo Pills 青果丸
TCMF2004 Qingguo Pills 青果丸
TCMFx1767 Qinghouyan Mixture 清喉咽合剂
TCMF2441 Qingre Jiedu Oral Liquid 清热解毒口服液
TCMFx5019 Qiu Li Run Fei Ointment 秋梨润肺膏
TCMF5042 Qiu Zao Gan Mao Granules 秋燥感冒颗粒
TCMF5278 Quan Lu Da Bu Pills 全鹿大补丸
TCMF464 Quan Lu Pills 全鹿丸
TCMFx5288 Quan Lu Pills 全鹿丸
TCMF5321 Re Du Ping Granules 热毒平颗粒
TCMFx5430 Ren Shen Gu Ben Pills 人参固本丸
TCMFx2464 Rightness Supporting Milk-Promoting Decoction 扶正通乳汤
TCMF2155 Roast Glycyrrhiza Decoction 甘草汤
TCMFx5594 Rong Xue Bu Xin Pills 茸血补心丸
TCMFx5625 Ru Yi Ding Chuan Pills 如意定喘丸
TCMFx535 Ru Yi Ding Chuan Tablet 如意定喘片
TCMFx5617 Ru Yi Ding Chuan Tablets 如意定喘片
TCMF219 San Bao Capsule 三宝胶囊
TCMF5863 San Bao Capsules 三宝胶囊
TCMF2863 San Jia Fu Mai Decoction 三甲复脉汤
TCMFx5170 San Shen Pills 三肾丸
TCMF2864 Sha Shen Mai Dong Decoction 沙参麦冬汤
TCMFx5457 Shan Ji Da Bu Wine 山鸡大补酒
TCMF5179 She Xiang Niu Huang Pills 麝香牛黄丸
TCMFx6958 Shen Di Yi Shen Oral Liquid 参地益肾口服液
TCMFx3180 Shen Er Wu Wei Jing 参耳五味晶
TCMF3212 Shen Gui Tiao Jing Pills 参桂调经丸
TCMFx5328 Shen Hai Long Capsules 深海龙胶囊
TCMFx5336 Shen Hai Long Pills 深海龙丸
TCMFx3325 Shen Mai Di Huang Pills 参麦地黄丸
TCMFx3331 Shen Mai Granules 参麦颗粒
TCMFx3338 Shen Mai Zhi Sou Syrup 参麦止嗽糖浆
TCMFx3345 Shen Mai Zhu She Oral Liquid 参麦注射液
TCMF3360 Shen Qi Bo Li Kang Tablets 参芪博力康片
TCMF3454 Shen Qi Xiao Ke Granules 参芪消渴颗粒
TCMF3478 Shen Rong E Jiao 参茸阿胶
TCMFx3551 Shen Rong Gu Ben Huan Shao Pills 参茸固本还少丸
TCMF3633 Shen Rong San Qi Wine 参茸三七酒
TCMF3671 Shen Rong Wei Sheng Pills 参茸卫生丸
TCMF3762 Shen Su Gan Mao Tablets 参苏感冒片
TCMF19 Shen Wu Jian Nao Capsule 参乌健脑胶囊
TCMFx5659 Sheng Fa Tablets 生发片
TCMFx5742 Sheng Mai Capsules 生脉胶囊
TCMFx5734 Sheng Mai Dai Pao Tea 生脉袋泡茶
TCMFx5749 Sheng Mai Granules 生脉颗粒
TCMFx5765 Sheng Mai Syrup 生脉糖浆
TCMFx5757 Sheng Mai Tablets 生脉片
TCMFx5773 Sheng Mai Yin 生脉饮
TCMFx5780 Sheng Mai Zhu She Oral Liquid 生脉注射液
TCMF7106 Sheng Mo Zeng Ye Tong Capsules 生脉增液通胶囊
TCMF5793 Sheng Ru Ling 生乳灵
TCMF5807 Sheng Ru Zhi 生乳汁
TCMFx474 Sheng Mai Capsule 生脉胶囊
TCMFx1234 Shengmai Yin Oral Liquid; Pulse-Activating Decoction 生脉饮
TCMF5909 Shi Er Wen Jing Pills 十二温经丸
TCMF5108 Shi Hu Ming Mu Pills 石斛明目丸
TCMF16 Shi Wei Xiao Ke Capsule 十味消渴胶囊
TCMF5214 Shou Xing Bu Zhi 寿星补汁
TCMFx7211 Shu Yan Qing Spray 舒咽清喷雾剂
TCMF5656 Shu Yu Pills 薯蓣丸
TCMF2392 Stagnation Desolving and Yin Nourishing Decoction 化瘀养阴汤
TCMF2002 Stomach Strengthening Tea 健胃茶
TCMF2206 Sweet Dew Decoction 甘露饮
TCMFx5229 Tai He Miao Ling Pills 太和妙灵丸
TCMF117 Tang Mo Kang Capsule 糖脉康胶囊
TCMF116 Tang Mo Kang Tablets 糖脉康片
TCMF5306 Tang Niao Ling Tablets 糖尿灵片
TCMFx2497 Three Excess Remover Decoction
TCMF2146 Three Skin Pulse Restoring Decoction 三甲复脉汤
TCMF2387 Throat Clearing Decoction 清咽汤
TCMF5495 Tian Wang Bu Xin Oral Liquid 天王补心液
TCMF5488 Tian Wang Bu Xin Pills 天王补心丸
TCMF5511 Tian Zi Hong Nv Jin Capsules 天紫红女金胶囊
TCMF263 Tian Zi Hong Nü Jin Capsule 天紫红女金胶囊
TCMF1777 Tianjin Cold Syrup 天津止咳糖浆
TCMF2589 Tianwang Buxin Pills 天王补心丸
TCMF1422 Tianwang Buxin Pills 天王补心丸
TCMFx963 Tiao Jing Pills 调经丸
TCMF902 Tie Di Oral Liquid 铁笛口服液
TCMF903 Tie Di Pills 铁笛丸
TCMF5763 Tie Di Pills 铁笛丸
TCMF6930 Tie Di Tablets 铁笛片
TCMF5881 Tong Mai Yang Xin Pills 通脉养心丸
TCMFx5057 Tong Ren Niu Huang Qing Xin Pills 同仁牛黄清心丸
TCMFx971 Tong Le Granules 通乐颗粒
TCMF974 Tong Mai Yang Xin Oral Liquid 通脉养心口服液
TCMFx5529 Wei Sheng Bao Pills 卫生宝丸
TCMF5500 Wei Tian Mei Jiang Tang Tea 维甜美降糖茶
TCMF5932 Wen Jing Yang Xue Recipe 温经养血合剂
TCMFx5961 Wen Shen Quan Lu Pills 温肾全鹿丸
TCMFx5378 Wu Geng Tai Ping Pills 五更太平丸
TCMF5224 Wu Ji Pills 乌鸡丸
TCMF5603 Wu Zhi Di Xian Jin Sui Ointment 五芝地仙金髓膏
TCMF5758 Xi Ling Jie Du Pills 犀羚解毒丸
TCMF5962 Xian Zheng Zhen Xin Pills 痫症镇心丸
TCMF6651 Xiao Chuan Pills 哮喘丸
TCMF953 Xiao Cuo Pills 消痤丸
TCMF6006 Xiao Cuo Pills 消痤丸
TCMFx6545 Xiao Er Bai Bu Zhi Ke Syrup 小儿百部止咳糖浆
TCMFx240 Xiao Er Bai Bu Zhi Ke Syrup 小儿百部止咳糖浆
TCMFx6552 Xiao Er Bai Le Tablets 小儿百乐片
TCMFx6572 Xiao Er Bai Xiao Tablets 小儿百效片
TCMFx6596 Xiao Er Chang Wei Kang Granules 小儿肠胃康颗粒
TCMF6633 Xiao Er Fei Bi Ning Tablets 小儿肺闭宁片
TCMF6643 Xiao Er Fei Re Ke Chuan Granules 小儿肺热咳喘颗粒
TCMF245 Xiao Er Fei Re Ke Chuan Oral Liquid 小儿肺热咳喘口服液
TCMF243 Xiao Er Fei Ke Granules 小儿肺咳颗粒
TCMFx6803 Xiao Er Jian Wei Syrup 小儿健胃糖浆
TCMF6089 Xiao Er Ke Ning Syrup 小儿咳宁糖浆
TCMFx6481 Xiao Er Yan Bian Infusion 小儿咽扁冲剂
TCMF6534 Xiao Er Zhi Sou Jin Dan 小儿止嗽金丹
TCMF6541 Xiao Er Zhi Sou Jin Pills 小儿止嗽金丸
TCMF6558 Xiao Er Zhi Sou Pills 小儿止嗽丸
TCMFx6549 Xiao Er Zhi Sou Syrup 小儿止嗽糖浆
TCMFx235 Xiao Er Zhi Sou Syrup 小儿止嗽糖浆
TCMFx247 Xiao Er Yan Bian Granules 小儿咽扁颗粒
TCMF6173 Xiao Granulesng Tablets 消渴灵片
TCMF956 Xiao Ke Ling Tablet 消渴灵片
TCMF6236 Xiao Pi Ling Granules 消疲灵颗粒
TCMFx6320 Xiao Shuan Zai Zao Pills 消栓再造丸
TCMF680 Xie Gan An Shen Pills 泻肝安神丸
TCMF6680 Xie Gan An Shen Pills 泻肝安神丸
TCMF6688 Xie Li Bao Tong Pills 泻痢保童丸
TCMF6847 Xin Nao Shu Oral Liquid 心脑舒口服液
TCMF374 Xin Rong Oral Liquid 心荣口服液
TCMF50 Xin Su Ning Capsule 心速宁胶囊
TCMF383 Xin Tong Oral Liquid 心通口服液
TCMFx6138 Xing Nao An Shen Capsules 醒脑安神胶囊
TCMFx6161 Xing Nao Niu Huang Qing Xin Tablets 醒脑牛黄清心片
TCMF2105 XMYT Decoction
TCMF6329 Xuan Mai Gan Jie Infusion 玄麦甘桔冲剂
TCMF512 Xuan Mai Gan Ju Capsule 玄麦甘桔胶囊
TCMF513 Xuan Mai Gan Ju Granules 玄麦甘桔颗粒
TCMF511 Xuan Mai Gan Ju Han Tablet 玄麦甘桔含片
TCMFx7023 Yan Kang Han Tablets 咽康含片
TCMF6625 Yan Yan Han Tablets 咽炎含片
TCMFx6631 Yan Yan Tablets 咽炎片
TCMF1971 Yang Controling Decoction
TCMF6794 Yang Rong Bai Cao Pills 养荣百草丸
TCMF834 Yang Xin Ding Ji Ointment 养心定悸膏
TCMF833 Yang Xin Ding Ji Oral Liquid 养心定悸口服液
TCMFx6047 Yang Xue Tui Re Pills 养血退热丸
TCMFx7004 Yang Yin Kou Xiang Recipe 养阴口香合剂
TCMF6093 Yang Yin Qing Fei Granules 养阴清肺颗粒
TCMF843 Yang Yin Qing Fei Ointment 养阴清肺膏
TCMF13 Yang Yin Qing Fei Oral Liquid 养阴清肺口服液
TCMF842 Yang Yin Qing Fei Pills 养阴清肺丸
TCMF6108 Yang Yin Qing Fei Pills 养阴清肺丸
TCMF6085 Yang Yin Qing Fei Recipe 养阴清肺合剂
TCMF6100 Yang Yin Qing Fei Syrup 养阴清肺糖浆
TCMFx840 Yang Yin Sheng Xue Recipe 养阴生血合剂
TCMF6125 Yang Yin Zhen Jing Pills 养阴镇静丸
TCMF6117 Yang Yin Zhen Jing Tablets 养阴镇静片
TCMF1017 Yi Fei Qing Hua Ointment 益肺清化膏
TCMF4 Yi Gan Yang Yin Huo Xue Granules 乙肝养阴活血颗粒
TCMFx2873 Yi Guan Decoction 一贯煎
TCMF6539 Yi Nao Capsules 益脑胶囊
TCMF7146 Yi Nao Tablets 益脑片
TCMF6580 Yi Qi Qiang Shen Granules 益气强身颗粒
TCMF6597 Yi Qi Yang Xue Oral Liquid 益气养血口服液
TCMF7052 Yi Qi Yang Yuan Granules 益气养元颗粒
TCMF6603 Yi Qi Yang Yuan Infusion 益气养元冲剂
TCMF932 Yi Qi Yang Xue Oral Liquid 益气养血口服液
TCMF6619 Yi Shen Ling Pills 益身灵丸
TCMF6637 Yi Shen Qiang Shen Pills 益肾强身丸
TCMFx2867 Yi Wei Decoction 益胃汤
TCMF6720 Yi Xin Fu Mai Granules 益心复脉颗粒
TCMF937 Yi Xin Shu Capsule 益心舒胶囊
TCMF6733 Yi Xin Shu Capsules 益心舒胶囊
TCMF113 Yi Xin Shu Granules 益心舒颗粒
TCMF111 Yi Xin Shu Pills 益心舒丸
TCMF112 Yi Xin Shu Tablets 益心舒片
TCMF6752 Yi Xu Ning Tablets 益虚宁片
TCMFx1825 Yin Generating Liver Opening Prescription 一贯煎
TCMF2058 Yin Generating Lung Clearing Decoction 养阴清肺汤
TCMF7012 Yin Gou Qing Yan Granules 银菊清咽颗粒
TCMFx6978 Yin Hu Kang Gan Recipe 银胡抗感合剂
TCMFx2171 Yin Nourishing Lung Modulation Decoction 滋阴宣肺汤
TCMF1827 Yin Qiao Decoction 银翘汤
TCMF6772 Yin Xu Wei Tong Granules 阴虚胃痛颗粒
TCMF532 Yin Xu Wei Tong Granules 阴虚胃痛颗粒
TCMF6777 Yin Xu Wei Tong Tablets 阴虚胃痛片
TCMF6252 Yong Sheng He E Jiao 永盛合阿胶
TCMFx1528 Youth Recovery Tablet 青春宝片
TCMFx6306 Yu Biao Pills 鱼鳔丸
TCMFx6359 Yu Lu Bao Fei Pills 玉露保肺丸
TCMFx2849 Yu Nv Decoction 玉女煎
TCMF104 Yu Quan Capsule 玉泉胶囊
TCMF387 Yu Quan Granules 玉泉颗粒
TCMF6393 Yu Quan Pills 玉泉丸
TCMF6380 Yu Quan Tablets 玉泉片
TCMF6421 Yu Ye Jin Pills 玉液金丸
TCMF6429 Yu Ye Pills 玉液丸
TCMF6543 Yu Yuan Pills 愈渊丸
TCMF2374 Yuan Shen Anti-Hypertensive Decoction 玄参钩藤汤
TCMF471 Zai Zao Sheng Xue Tablet 再造生血片
TCMF6746 Zai Zhang Sheng Xue Tablets 再障生血片
TCMF6773 Zeng Guang Tablets 增光片
TCMFx6792 Zeng Ye Granules 增液颗粒
TCMFx6283 Zhen Xian Tablets 镇痫片
TCMFx6383 Zheng Shi Nv Jin Dan 郑氏女金丹
TCMFx6482 Zhi Ke Ju Hong Pills 止咳橘红丸
TCMF6581 Zhi Sou Hua Tan Pills 止嗽化痰丸
TCMF323 Zhi Sou Hua Tan Pills 止嗽化痰丸
TCMF6662 Zhi Xie Bao Tong Infusion 止泻保童冲剂
TCMFx317 Zhi Ke Ju Hong Oral Liquid 止咳橘红口服液
TCMFx318 Zhi Ke Ju Hong Pills 止咳橘红丸
TCMF6323 Zhou Gong Bai Sui Wine 周公百岁酒
TCMF6537 Zhuang Yao Bu Shen Pills 壮腰补肾丸
TCMF6601 Zhuang Yuan Pills 状元丸
TCMF6704 Zi Bu Gan Shen Pills 滋补肝肾丸
TCMFx1112 Zi Xin Yin Capsule 滋心阴胶囊
TCMFx1113 Zi Xin Yin Granules 滋心阴颗粒
TCMFx1111 Zi Xin Yin Oral Liquid 滋心阴口服液
TCMF1968 ZYMDSG Decoction

Targeted Human Proteins by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Gene Symbol Target Name Target Class Uniprot ID
TCMT1 EHMT2 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase, H3 lysine-9 specific 3 Transferase Q96KQ7
TCMT101 PTPN1 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B Hydrolase P18031
TCMT102 ACP1 Low molecular weight phosphotyrosine protein phosphatase Hydrolase P24666
TCMT103 PTPRF Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase F (LAR) Hydrolase P10586
TCMT112 ADORA3 Adenosine A3 receptor GPCR P0DMS8
TCMT130 ALOX5 Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase Oxidoreductase P09917
TCMT150 RORC Nuclear receptor ROR-gamma Nuclear receptor P51449
TCMT159 TYR Tyrosinase Oxidoreductase P14679
TCMT171 PTPN6 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1C Hydrolase P29350
TCMT190 PTPN2 T-cell protein-tyrosine phosphatase Hydrolase P17706
TCMT214 MGLL Monoglyceride lipase Unclassified Q99685
TCMT223 AKR1B1 Aldose reductase Oxidoreductase P15121
TCMT233 PTPN11 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 2C Hydrolase Q06124
TCMT273 NR1H4 Bile acid receptor FXR Nuclear receptor Q96RI1
TCMT280 AKR1B10 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member B10 Oxidoreductase O60218
TCMT295 MMP1 Matrix metalloproteinase-1 Hydrolase P03956
TCMT296 ADORA1 Adenosine A1 receptor GPCR P30542
TCMT306 MMP2 Matrix metalloproteinase-2 Hydrolase P08253
TCMT320 MMP3 Matrix metalloproteinase 3 Hydrolase P08254
TCMT321 MMP9 Matrix metalloproteinase 9 Hydrolase P14780
TCMT33 CYP3A4 Cytochrome P450 3A4 Oxidoreductase P08684
TCMT41 IDH1 Isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] cytoplasmic Oxidoreductase O75874
TCMT423 EGFR Epidermal growth factor receptor erbB1 Kinase P00533
TCMT558 TOP2A DNA topoisomerase II alpha Isomerase P11388
TCMT563 CDC25B Dual specificity phosphatase Cdc25B Hydrolase P30305
TCMT566 NOS2 Nitric oxide synthase, inducible Oxidoreductase P35228
TCMT571 ADORA2B Adenosine A2b receptor GPCR P29275
TCMT597 SLC28A3 Solute carrier family 28 member 3 Transporter Q9HAS3
TCMT598 TOP1 DNA topoisomerase I Isomerase P11387
TCMT620 HSPA8 Heat shock cognate 71 kDa protein Unclassified P11142
TCMT632 PNP Purine nucleoside phosphorylase Transferase P00491
TCMT704 ERBB2 Receptor protein-tyrosine kinase erbB-2 Kinase P04626
TCMT707 ADORA2A Adenosine A2a receptor GPCR P29274
TCMT709 SLC28A2 Sodium/nucleoside cotransporter 2 Transporter O43868
TCMT710 SLC28A1 Sodium/nucleoside cotransporter 1 Transporter O00337
TCMT8 KDM4E Lysine-specific demethylase 4D-like Oxidoreductase B2RXH2
TCMT80 MAPK1 MAP kinase ERK2 Kinase P28482

Targeted Pathogenic Microbes by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Target Name
TCMT1104 Sortase
TCMT1107 Protease
TCMT1176 Streptococcus pneumoniae
TCMT1178 Actinomyces viscosus
TCMT1218 Staphylococcus aureus
TCMT1229 Enterococcus faecalis
TCMT1246 Escherichia coli
TCMT1248 Hepatitis C virus
TCMT1251 Candida albicans
TCMT1255 Human immunodeficiency virus 1
TCMT1454 Bacillus subtilis
TCMT1458 Filobasidiella neoformans
TCMT1462 Streptococcus mutans
TCMT1463 Mycobacterium tuberculosis

Ingredient Structrues

Ingredient ID: TCMC995
Formula: C35H60O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC92
Formula: C4H7NO5

Ingredient ID: TCMC774
Formula: C7H8O

Ingredient ID: TCMC7261
Formula: C44H70O18

Ingredient ID: TCMC7251
Formula: C27H42O7S

Ingredient ID: TCMC7086
Formula: C19H16O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC6997
Formula: C18H16O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC6813
Formula: C18H18O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC6812
Formula: C19H20O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC6811
Formula: C19H18O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC6771
Formula: C19H20O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC6751
Formula: C41H64O13

Ingredient ID: TCMC6478
Formula: C16H28O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC632
Formula: C10H13N5O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC5939
Formula: C15H24

Ingredient ID: TCMC5909
Formula: C15H24

Ingredient ID: TCMC5896
Formula: C11H16O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC5621
Formula: C17H17NO4

Ingredient ID: TCMC5608
Formula: C19H14O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC553
Formula: C6H6O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC5338
Formula: C18H14O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC5319
Formula: C18H14O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC5298
Formula: C44H70O16

Ingredient ID: TCMC5013
Formula: C15H24

Ingredient ID: TCMC4968
Formula: C11H16O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC4965
Formula: C17H17NO3

Ingredient ID: TCMC4546
Formula: C19H16O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC4545
Formula: C19H14O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC4324
Formula: C29H48O

Ingredient ID: TCMC410
Formula: C11H25NO

Ingredient ID: TCMC4097
Formula: C19H16O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC4094
Formula: C19H20O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC3853
Formula: C27H42O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC3742
Formula: C15H26O

Ingredient ID: TCMC3371
Formula: C15H24

Ingredient ID: TCMC2463
Formula: C39H62O12

Ingredient ID: TCMC1786
Formula: C30H48O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC1767
Formula: C18H19NO4

Ingredient ID: TCMC1530
Formula: C6H6O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC1298
Formula: C10H13N5O5


Ingredient ID Formulae Name MW AlogP MlogP XlogP # HBA # HBD PSA # Rotatable Bond # Ring # Heacy Atom Lipinski RO5 Violation
TCMC92 C4H7NO5 (2S,3S)-2-Amino-3-Hydroxybutanedioic Acid 149.03 -2.004 1.24 -4.471 6 4 120.85 7 0 10 0
TCMC410 C11H25NO 3-(2-Ethylhexoxy)Propan-1-Amine 187.19 -1.9691 2.45 2.956 2 1 35.25 12 0 13 0
TCMC553 C6H6O3 5-Hydroxymethyl-Furfural 126.03 -0.7952 1.79 0.422 2 1 50.44 3 1 9 0
TCMC632 C10H13N5O4 Adenosine 267.1 -2.2791 1.57 -1.809 9 4 139.54 6 3 19 0
TCMC774 C7H8O Benzyl Alcohol 108.06 -0.4487 2.12 2.409 1 1 20.23 2 1 8 0
TCMC995 C35H60O6 Daucosterol 576.44 -0.4469 4.65 10.487 6 4 99.38 19 5 41 1
TCMC1298 C10H13N5O5 Guanosine 283.09 -2.2152 1.46 -1.643 10 6 156.21 6 3 20 1
TCMC1530 C6H6O3 Maltol 126.03 -0.6804 1.79 0.907 3 1 46.53 2 1 9 0
TCMC1767 C18H19NO4 N-Trans-Feruloyl Tyramine 313.13 -0.6499 2.89 3.109 2 3 82.28 10 2 23 0
TCMC1786 C30H48O3 Oleanolic_Acid 456.36 2.1298 4.43 9.052 3 2 57.53 10 5 33 1
TCMC2463 C39H62O12 Ophiopogonin C 722.42 -2.7167 4.43 4.099 12 6 176.76 16 8 51 2
TCMC3371 C15H24 Α-Cyperene 204.1878008 2.0475 3.11 5.852 0 0 0 0 3 15 1
TCMC3742 C15H26O Guaiol 222.1983655 1.3215 3 4.027 1 1 20.23 1 2 16 0
TCMC3853 C27H42O4 Ruscogenin 430.3083098 -0.296 3.99 4.378 4 2 58.92 0 6 31 0
TCMC4094 C19H20O7 Ophiopogonanone E 360.120903 -1.0723 2.78 0.312 1 3 105.45 4 3 26 0
TCMC4097 C19H16O7 Ophiopogonanone C 356.0896029 -1.0035 2.78 1.282 2 2 102.29 3 4 26 0
TCMC4324 C29H48O Stigmasterol 412.3705162 1.2566 4.54 11.071 1 1 20.23 5 4 30 1
TCMC4545 C19H14O7 6-Aldehydo-Isoophiopogone A 354.0739528 -0.7918 2.78 1.825 5 2 93.06 3 4 26 0
TCMC4546 C19H16O6 6-Aldehydo-Isoophiopogone B 340.0946882 -0.2207 2.89 2.568 2 2 83.83 4 3 25 0
TCMC4965 C17H17NO3 N-( Trans-P-Coumaroyl) Tyramine 283.1208434 -0.9271 2.89 3.346 2 3 69.56 6 2 21 0
TCMC4968 C11H16O2 Jasmololone 180.1150298 0.5312 2.45 1.349 2 1 37.3 3 1 13 0
TCMC5013 C15H24 Longifolene 204.1878008 1.8468 3.11 6.444 0 0 0 0 3 15 1
TCMC5298 C44H70O16 Ophiopogonin D' 854.4663862 -3.9529 4.54 2.805 16 8 235.68 7 9 60 2
TCMC5319 C18H14O6 Ophiopogonone A 326.0790382 -0.2792 2.78 1.331 1 2 75.99 2 4 24 0
TCMC5338 C18H14O7 5,7,2'-Trihydroxy-6-Methyl-3-(3',4'-Methylenedioxybenzyl) Chromone 342.0739528 -0.7395 2.67 0.368 1 3 96.22 2 4 25 0
TCMC5608 C19H14O7 Ophiopogonone C 354.0739528 -0.4716 2.78 1.411 2 2 93.06 3 4 26 0
TCMC5621 C17H17NO4 N-[Β-Hydroxy-Β-(4-Hydroxyphenyl)]Ethyl-4-Hydroxy Cinnamide 299.115758 -1.6934 2.78 2.316 3 4 89.79 6 2 22 0
TCMC5896 C11H16O2 Jasmololone 180.1150298 0.5312 2.45 1.349 2 1 37.3 3 1 13 0
TCMC5909 C15H24 Cyperene 204.1878008 2.0475 3.11 5.852 0 0 0 0 3 15 1
TCMC5939 C15H24 Β-Patchoulene 204.1878008 2.0475 3.11 5.743 0 0 0 0 3 15 1
TCMC6478 C16H28O6 Borneol-2-O-Β-D-Glucopyranoside 316.1885886 -0.8037 2.56 1.626 6 4 99.38 3 3 22 0
TCMC6751 C41H64O13 Ophiopogonin A 764.4346921 -2.4107 4.54 3.021 13 5 182.83 6 8 54 1
TCMC6771 C19H20O5 Methyl Ophiopogonanone B 328.1310737 0.0818 3 2.042 1 2 75.99 3 3 24 0
TCMC6811 C19H18O6 Methyl Ophiopogonanone A 342.1103383 -0.1691 2.89 1.314 1 2 85.22 2 4 25 0
TCMC6812 C19H20O6 5,7-Dihydroxy-6,8-Dimethyl-3-(4'-Hydroxy-3'-Methoxybenzyl)Chroman-4-One 344.1259884 -0.3785 2.89 0.868 1 3 96.22 3 3 25 0
TCMC6813 C18H18O5 Ophiopogonanone B 314.1154237 -0.5602 2.89 1.93 1 2 75.99 3 3 23 0
TCMC6997 C18H16O6 Ophiopogonanone A 328.0946882 -0.8111 2.78 1.202 1 2 85.22 2 4 24 0
TCMC7086 C19H16O7 2'-Hydroxymethylophiopogonone A 356.0896029 -0.0975 2.78 0.48 1 3 96.22 2 4 26 0
TCMC7251 C27H42O7S Ruscogenin 1-O-Sulfate 509.2572997 -1.0226 3.55 3.081 7 1 113.5 2 6 35 0
TCMC7261 C44H70O18 Ophiopogon A 886.4562154 -5.3747 4.32 -0.07 18 10 276.14 7 9 62 2

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