TCM-ID Data Content Statistcis

1. Statistcis of TCM-ID Data Content

Data Content of the Current Update

No. of TCM PrescriptionsTotal Prescriptions: 7,443
Chinese Pharmacopeia Prescriptions: 1,452
No. of Prescription Components2,751
No. of Chemical Ingredients7,375
No. of Putative TargetsTotal targets:768
Human proteins:463
Pathogenic microbes:305
No. of Gene Onotoly (GO) Terms2,756
No. of KEGG Pathways222
No. of Human Samples (Healthy&Disease) with Gene/Protein Expression MeasurementTotal samples: 27,716
Tissues coverd:25
Diseases coverd:63

2. Comparison of Data Content with the Last Version

Version 2005 The Current Version
No. of Prescriptions 1,588 7,443
No. of Prescription Components 1,745 2,751
No. of Chemical Ingredients 5,669 7,375
No. of Putative Targets -- 768
No. of ICD-11 Codes of Traditional Medicine Conditions -- 366
No. of GO Terms -- 2,756
No. of KEGG Pathways -- 222
No. of Human Samples (Healthy&Disease) with Gene/Protein Expression Measurement -- 27,716

3. How to Use TCM-ID?

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