Component: Rheum officinale 大黄

Description of the Component

Component ID
Latin Name
Rheum officinale
English Name
Medicinal rhubarb
Chinese Pinyin Name
Da Huang
TCM Properties
TCM Meridians
Spleen,Large Intestine,Stomach,Liver,Heart
Therapeutic Class English
Therapeutic Class Chinese
cause catharsis and purge away heat, reduce heat in blood and counteract toxicity, and eliminate blood stasis and stimulate menstrual discharge
Geo-authentic habitats (道地产区)
Sichuan Province,Chongqing,Qinghai Province
Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015)
Barcode ID
Barcode Source

TCM Prescriptions with the Component

Prescription ID Prescription English Name Prescription Chinese Name
TCMF1652 Aconitum Heart Clearing Decoction 附子泻心汤
TCMFx2947 An Yang Gao Yao 安阳膏药
TCMFx2955 An Yang Gu Ben Ointment 安阳固本膏
TCMFx2971 An Yang Jing Zhi Ointment 安阳精制膏
TCMF2302 Anti-Sticking Decoction
TCMF2624 Anyang Jingzhi Plaster 安阳精制膏
TCMF1444 Anyang Jingzhi Plaster 安阳精制膏
TCMF2219 Appendictis Tablet 阑尾消炎片
TCMF1561 Artemisia Decoction 茵陈蒿汤
TCMF2647 Artemisia Yin chenhao Decoction 茵陈蒿汤
TCMF1373 Aucklandiae and Arecae Pills 木香槟榔丸
TCMFx2622 Awei Huapi Plaster 阿魏化痞膏
TCMFx1442 Awei Huapi Plaster 阿魏化痞膏
TCMFx692 Ba Du Ointment 拔毒膏
TCMFx3001 Ba Du Ointment 拔毒膏
TCMFx2968 Ba Li Powder 八厘散
TCMF7401 Ba Wei Dai Xia Fang 八味带下方
TCMF2970 Ba Xian You 八仙油
TCMF7309 Ba Zheng Powder 八正散
TCMF2993 Ba Zheng Recipe 八正合剂
TCMF229 Ba Zheng Recipe 八正合剂
TCMF3120 Bai Bu Zeng Li Pills 百补增力丸
TCMFx3136 Bai Cao You 百草油
TCMFx3445 Bao Ying Duo Ming Powder 保婴夺命散
TCMFx3461 Bao Ying Zhen Jing Pills 保婴镇惊丸
TCMF3234 Bao Zhen Ointment 宝珍膏
TCMFx63 Bi Bai Ke Capsule 比拜克胶囊
TCMF734 Bi Ling Wei Tong Granules 荜铃胃痛颗粒
TCMFx4593 Bi Wen Tablets 辟瘟片
TCMFx489 Bing Huang Fu Le Ointment 冰黄肤乐软膏
TCMFx3757 Bing Lang Si Xiao Tablets 槟榔四消片
TCMFx1872 Binglang Sixiao Pills, Digestion Pill of Betel Nut 槟榔四消丸
TCMFx1281 Binglang Sixiao Pills, Digestion Pill of Betel Nut 槟榔四消丸
TCMFx2442 Blood Revitalizing and Pain Relieving Decoction 活血止痛膏
TCMFx1390 Blood Revitalizing and Pain Relieving Decoction 活血止痛膏
TCMF2472 Bolus for Clearing Away Heat of the Upper Part of the Body 上清丸
TCMF2748 Bupleurum Plus Dragon Bone and Oyster Shell Decoction 柴胡加龙骨牡蛎汤
TCMFx1919 Cannabis pills 麻子仁丸
TCMF2891 Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Decoction 柴胡加龙骨牡蛎汤
TCMF7426 Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Li Decoction 柴胡加龙骨牡蛎汤
TCMF869 Chai Hu Shu Gan Pills 柴胡舒肝丸
TCMF3877 Chai Hu Shu Gan Pills 柴胡舒肝丸
TCMFx6017 Chang Chun Tang Shang Ointment 长春烫伤膏
TCMF3155 Chen Xiang Hua Zhi Pills 沉香化滞丸
TCMF3163 Chen Xiang Li Qi Pills 沉香理气丸
TCMFx3227 Chen Xiang Lu Bai Lu Tablets 陈香露白露片
TCMF1381 Cholagogic Tablet 利胆片
TCMF2395 Cholagogic Tablet 利胆片
TCMFx3289 Chu Tan Zhi Sou Pills 除痰止嗽丸
TCMFx3484 Chuan Shu Tablets 喘舒片
TCMF3513 Chuang Yang Ointment 疮疡膏
TCMFx3562 Chun Chi Qing Wei Pills 唇齿清胃丸
TCMF2716 Cimicifuga Formula 乙字汤
TCMF2765 Cinnamon Twig Decoction Plus Peony and Rhubarb 桂枝加芍药大黄汤
TCMF2033 Circulation Enhancing Decoction 复元活血汤
TCMFx1648 Collapsed Chest Bolus 大陷胸丸
TCMF2571 Combined Recipe WCXH Decoction
TCMF1779 Compound Oral Liquid of Isatis Leaf 复方大青叶合剂
TCMF1264 Compound Oral Liquid of Isatis Leaf 复方大青叶合剂
TCMF2416 Coptis Bolus for Clearing the Upper Heat; Coptis Upper Cooling Pill 黄连上清丸
TCMF1386 Coptis Upper Cooling Pills 黄连上清丸
TCMFx2722 Coptis, Scute and Rhubarb Decoction 三黄泻心汤
TCMFx1311 Cow-bezoar Antitoxic Bolus 牛黄解毒丸
TCMFx2011 Cow-bezoar Antitoxic Bolus 牛黄解毒丸
TCMF2608 Cow-bezoar Bolus for Clearing away Heat of the Upper Part of the Body 牛黄上清丸
TCMFx2596 Crab Bone-Joining Powder 螃蟹接骨散
TCMFx3708 Da Bai Du Capsules 大败毒胶囊
TCMF2892 Da Chai Hu Decoction 大柴胡汤
TCMF7351 Da Chai Hu Decoction 大柴胡汤
TCMFx7278 Da Cheng Qi Decoction 大承气汤
TCMFx3747 Da Huang Ding 大黄酊
TCMF2893 Da Huang Gan Cao Decoction 大黄甘草汤
TCMFx3755 Da Huang Hua Yu Pills 大黄化瘀丸
TCMFx7368 Da Huang Mu Dan Pi Decoction 大黄牡丹皮汤
TCMF3763 Da Huang Xie Huo Powder 大黄泻火散
TCMFx3771 Da Huo Luo Pills 大活络丸
TCMFx3786 Da Li Yao Wine 大力药酒
TCMFx3794 Da Qi Li Powder 大七厘散
TCMFx221 Da Qi Li Powder 大七厘散
TCMFx1368 Dahuang Qingwei Pills 大黄清胃丸
TCMFx2274 Dahuang Qingwei Pills 大黄清胃丸
TCMF824 Dan Kang Capsule 胆康胶囊
TCMF3962 Dan Le Tablets 胆乐片
TCMF823 Dan Ning Tablet 胆宁片
TCMFx3970 Dan Ning Tablets 胆宁片
TCMF3979 Dan Shi Tong Capsules 胆石通胶囊
TCMF3 Dan Xiang Qing Zhi Granules 丹香清脂颗粒
TCMF821 Dan Shi Tong Capsule 胆石通胶囊
TCMF2894 Dang Gui Decoction 当归汤
TCMF7330 Dang Gui Long Hui Wan Qu She Xiang 当归龙荟丸去麝香
TCMF3054 Dang Gui Lu Hui Tablets 当归龙荟片
TCMF2326 Danggui Longhui Pills, Angelica Gentiana Aloe Pill 当归龙荟丸
TCMF1370 Daochi Pills 导赤丸
TCMF2309 Daochi Pills 导赤丸
TCMFx1646 Decoction for Potent Purgation 大乘气汤
TCMFx1682 Decoction for Purging Lung Heat; Qi Facilitating Decoction 宣白乘气汤
TCMF1734 Decoction for Warming Spleen; Spleen Warming Decoction 温脾汤
TCMF2410 Decoction of Bupleuri Add Os Draconis and Concha Ostreae 柴胡加龙骨牡蛎汤
TCMF2029 Decoction of Bupleuri for Regulating Shaoyang and Yangming 大柴胡汤
TCMF2431 Decoction of Coptidis for Detoxification 内疏黄连汤
TCMFx1546 Decoction of Magnoliae Officinalis and Other Two Drugs 厚朴三物汤
TCMF1773 Decoction of Peach Seed Combination 桃仁承气汤
TCMF1733 Decoction of Persicae for Purgation 桃核乘气汤
TCMFx1537 Decoction of Rhei and Aconiti Praeparata 大黄附子汤
TCMFx1222 Decoction of Rhei and Aconiti Praeparata 大黄附子汤
TCMFx1714 Decoction of Rhei and Moutan Radicis 大黄牡丹汤
TCMF2243 Decoction of Yellow Dragon with Supplements 新加黄龙汤
TCMFx2320 Dermatitis Adhesive Plaster 皮炎灵硬膏
TCMFx3247 Di Tan Pills 涤痰丸
TCMF3270 Di Yu Huai Jiao Pills 地榆槐角丸
TCMF2288 Diabetes and Kidney Decoction
TCMFx3320 Dian She Pills 点舌丸
TCMFx7349 Diao Wei Cheng Qi Decoction 调胃承气汤
TCMF466 Di Yu Huai Jiao Pills 地榆槐角丸
TCMFx3341 Die Da Bang Yao Wine 跌打榜药酒
TCMF3410 Die Da Sun Shang Pills 跌打损伤丸
TCMFx3402 Die Da Sun Shang Powder 跌打损伤散
TCMFx3418 Die Da Wan Hua You 跌打万花油
TCMF3434 Die Da Zhen Tong Ointment 跌打镇痛膏
TCMF1038 Die Da Zhen Tong Ointment 跌打镇痛膏
TCMFx3449 Die Da Zhi Tong Powder 跌打止痛散
TCMFx1391 Dieda Houxue Powder 跌打活血散
TCMFx2467 Dieda Houxue Powder 跌打活血散
TCMFx3519 Ding Chu Hua Feng Pills 定搐化风丸
TCMFx3743 Du Ji Du Jiao Ointment 杜记独角膏
TCMF3735 Du Sheng Huo Xue Tablets 独圣活血片
TCMF827 Du Sheng Huo Xue Tablet 独圣活血片
TCMF1991 Early Stage Decoction
TCMF2101 Eight Health Restoring Powder 八珍散
TCMF2668 Eight-Herb Powder for Rectification 八正散
TCMFx1656 Eliminating Phlegm Evil Pills 滚痰丸
TCMF3966 Er Long Tong Qiao Pills 耳聋通窍丸
TCMF3046 Er Mu Qing Fei Pills 二母清肺丸
TCMFx3885 Er Tong Hua Du Powder 儿童化毒散
TCMFx3942 Er Tong Qing Re Oral Liquid 儿童清热口服液
TCMF2329 Eyesight-Improving and Upper-Heat-Removing Bolus 明目上清丸
TCMF7151 Fang Feng Tong Sheng Granules 防风通圣颗粒
TCMF533 Fang Feng Tong Sheng Granules 防风通圣颗粒
TCMF3145 Fang Feng Tong Sheng Pills 防风通圣丸
TCMF7352 Fang Feng Tong Sheng Powder 防风通圣散
TCMF2601 Fangfeng Tongsheng Pills 防风通圣丸
TCMF1427 Fangfeng Tongsheng Pills 防风通圣丸
TCMF14 Fen Qing Wu Lin Pills 分清五淋丸
TCMFx3330 Feng Shang Zhi Tong Ointment 风伤止痛膏
TCMF2544 Fenqing Wulin Pills 分清五淋丸
TCMF2057 Fire Cathartic Pills 泻青丸
TCMFx3644 Fo Shan Ren Shen Zai Zao Pills 佛山人参再造丸
TCMFx3635 Fo Shan Ren Shen Zai Zao Tablets 佛山人参再造片
TCMFx2788 For Contusion Decoction 治打扑一方
TCMF2356 Four Son Yellowness Removing Decoction 四子退黄汤
TCMFx36 Fu Bi Shu Yin Dao Pao Teng Tablets 妇必舒阴道泡腾片
TCMF6886 Fu Fang Chai Hu An Shen Granules 复方柴胡安神颗粒
TCMFx777 Fu Fang Chen Xiang Wei Tablet 复方陈香胃片
TCMFx3307 Fu Fang Chen Xiang Wei Tablets 复方陈香胃片
TCMFx3367 Fu Fang Da Huang Ding 复方大黄酊
TCMF3382 Fu Fang Da Qing Ye Granules 复方大青叶颗粒
TCMF3374 Fu Fang Da Qing Ye Recipe 复方大青叶合剂
TCMF3390 Fu Fang Da Qing Ye Shuan 复方大青叶栓
TCMF3398 Fu Fang Da Qing Ye Zhu She Oral Liquid 复方大青叶注射液
TCMFx3414 Fu Fang Dan Tong Capsules 复方胆通胶囊
TCMFx3422 Fu Fang Dan Tong Tablets 复方胆通片
TCMFx6861 Fu Fang Fu Rong Ye Ding 复方芙蓉叶酊
TCMF795 Fu Fang Niu Huang Qing Wei Pills 复方牛黄清胃丸
TCMF3823 Fu Fang Niu Huang Qing Wei Pills 复方牛黄清胃丸
TCMFx3198 Fu Fang Xiao Zhi Shuan 复方消痔栓
TCMF785 Fu Fang Yi Gan Pills 复方益肝丸
TCMF6924 Fu Fang Yu Gan Zi Li Yan Tablets 复方余甘子利咽片
TCMF783 Fu Fang Zhen Zhu An Chuang Tablet 复方珍珠暗疮片
TCMF3363 Fu Fang Zhen Zhu An Chuang Tablets 复方珍珠暗疮片
TCMF3813 Fu Kang Pills 妇康丸
TCMF3861 Fu Ke Hui Sheng Pills 妇科回生丸
TCMFx3916 Fu Ke Tong Jing Pills 妇科通经丸
TCMFx3932 Fu Ke Wu Jin Pills 妇科乌金丸
TCMF3985 Fu Le Granules 妇乐颗粒
TCMF3977 Fu Le Infusion 妇乐冲剂
TCMFx3706 Fu Rong Powder 芙蓉散
TCMF3427 Fu Shen Ning Tablets 复肾宁片
TCMF7219 Fu Yan Shu Capsules 妇炎舒胶囊
TCMFx7041 Fu Yan Xiao Capsules 妇炎消胶囊
TCMF7367 Fu Yuan Huo Xue Tang Qu Chuan Shan Jia 复元活血汤去穿山甲
TCMFx2568 Fuke Tongjing Pills 妇科通经丸
TCMFx1415 Fuke Tongjing Pills 妇科通经丸
TCMFx1776 FZDH Uramia Decoction 附子大黄汤
TCMF1764 Gallbladder Calming Decoction 安胆汤
TCMF2412 Gallstone Expelling Decoction 胆道排石汤
TCMFx3511 Gan Lu Jie Re Oral Liquid 甘露解热口服液
TCMFx3921 Gao Li Qing Xin Pills 高力清心丸
TCMFx3929 Gao Li Qing Xin Pills 高丽清心丸
TCMFx3937 Gao Xue Ya Su Jiang Pills 高血压速降丸
TCMFx2507 GTZH Decoction
TCMFx3571 Gu Zhe Cuo Shang Capsules 骨折挫伤胶囊
TCMF3888 Guang Dong Shen Qu 广东神曲
TCMFx746 Gu Zhe Cuo Shang Capsule 骨折挫伤胶囊
TCMFx858 Gui Lin Xi Gua Shuang 桂林西瓜霜
TCMFx4109 Gui Lin Xi Gua Shuang 桂林西瓜霜
TCMFx4116 Gui Lin Xi Gua Shuang Capsules 桂林西瓜霜胶囊
TCMFx7058 Gui Lin Xi Gua Shuang Han Tablets 桂林西瓜霜含片
TCMF2904 Gui Zhi Jia Shao Yao Da Huang Decoction 桂枝加芍药大黄汤
TCMF4319 He Luo Shu Gan Capsules 和络舒肝胶囊
TCMF4327 He Luo Shu Gan Tablets 和络舒肝片
TCMFx2594 Hear Clearng Decoction
TCMFx2671 Hemp Seed Pill 麻子仁丸
TCMFx4433 Hong Hua Die Da Pills 红花跌打丸
TCMFx1545 Hou Po Da Huang Intestine and Stomach Soothing Decoction 厚朴大黄汤
TCMF2816 Hou Pu Qi Wu Decoction 厚朴七物汤
TCMFx4573 Hou Tong Pills 喉痛丸
TCMFx1576 HTNC Stroke Decoction
TCMF4749 Hu Po Li Qi Pills 琥珀利气丸
TCMFx4880 Hua Chong Pills 化虫丸
TCMFx4895 Hua Du Powder 化毒散
TCMFx365 Hua Zheng Hui Sheng Tablet 化症回生片
TCMF4019 Huang Dan Yin Chen Infusion 黄疸茵陈蒿冲剂
TCMF6901 Huang Di Yang Yin Granules 黄地养阴颗粒
TCMF4066 Huang Lian Qing Wei Pills 黄连清胃丸
TCMF994 Huang Lian Shang Qing Capsule 黄连上清胶囊
TCMF157 Huang Lian Shang Qing Granules 黄连上清颗粒
TCMF7407 Huang Lian Shang Qing Pills 黄连上清丸
TCMF4079 Huang Lian Shang Qing Pills 黄连上清丸
TCMF993 Huang Lian Shang Qing Tablet 黄连上清片
TCMF4072 Huang Lian Shang Qing Tablets 黄连上清片
TCMF4190 Huang Shi Gan Mao Tablets 黄石感冒片
TCMFx4197 Huang Shi Xiang Sheng Pills 黄氏响声丸
TCMFx990 Huang Shi Xiang Sheng Pills 黄氏响声丸
TCMFx4264 Hui Sheng Zai Zao Pills 回生再造丸
TCMFx4274 Hui Tian Zai Zao Pills 回天再造丸
TCMFx4325 Huo Luo Pills 活络丸
TCMFx4348 Huo Wei Capsules 活胃胶囊
TCMFx4356 Huo Wei Powder 活胃散
TCMF4417 Huo Xue Pills 活血丸
TCMFx4445 Huo Xue Zhi Tong Ointment 活血止痛膏
TCMF2175 Infectious Diarrhea Decoction
TCMF2746 Intestinal Carbuncle Decoction 肠痈汤
TCMF1813 Intestine Lubricating Pills 润肠丸
TCMFx1731 Intestine Moisterizing Bolus 润肠汤
TCMF2461 Intestine Relieving Decoction 肠痈汤
TCMF4641 Ji Gan Tui Huang Capsules 急肝退黄胶囊
TCMF4677 Ji Zhong Ding 济众酊
TCMFx4761 Jia Wei Lan Ji Pills 加味烂积丸
TCMF4811 Jia Wei Si Xiao Pills 加味四消丸
TCMF4889 Jian Fei Tong Sheng Tablets 减肥通圣片
TCMF4302 Jian Shen Xiao Dao Infusion 健身消导冲剂
TCMFx7214 Jian Wei Niu Huang Jie Du Capsules 减味牛黄解毒胶囊
TCMF4388 Jian Wei Xiao Yan Granules 健胃消炎颗粒
TCMF4552 Jiang Zhi Jian Fei Tablets 降脂减肥片
TCMF4568 Jiang Zhi Ling Capsules 降脂灵胶囊
TCMF7087 Jiang Zhi Tong Bian Capsules 降脂通便胶囊
TCMF4589 Jiang Zhuo Jian Mei Tea 降浊健美茶
TCMF917 Jiang Zhi Ling Capsule 降脂灵胶囊
TCMF2402 Jiantang Pills 降糖丸
TCMFx4626 Jie Gu Qi Li Tablets 接骨七厘片
TCMFx4633 Jie Gu Qi Li Tablets 接骨七厘片
TCMFx4663 Jie He Pills 结核丸
TCMF4819 Jin Bu Huan Ointment 金不换膏
TCMF4898 Jin Hua Xiao Cuo Pills 金花消痤丸
TCMFx712 Jin Huang Li Dan Capsule 金黄利胆胶囊
TCMF714 Jin Pu Capsule 金蒲胶囊
TCMF4148 Jin Sha Wu Lin Pills 金砂五淋丸
TCMF7034 Jin Shang Ning Shi Fu Ji 筋伤宁湿敷剂
TCMFx1043 Jin Tong Xiao Tincture 筋痛消酊
TCMFx710 Jin Zhen Oral Liquid 金振口服液
TCMFx4402 Jing Feng Pills 惊风丸
TCMF4323 Jing Wan Hong 京万红
TCMF4331 Jing Wan Hong Zhi Chuang Ointment 京万红痔疮膏
TCMF4347 Jing Zhi Niu Huang Jie Du Tablets 京制牛黄解毒片
TCMF662 Jing Wan Hong Ointment 京万红软膏
TCMFx4549 Jiu Da Huang Pills 九制大黄丸
TCMFx4513 Jiu Hua Zhi Chuang Shuan 九华痔疮栓
TCMFx4599 Jiu Ji Powder 救急散
TCMFx4606 Jiu Jing Powder 救惊散
TCMFx4520 Jiu Long Hua Feng Pills 九龙化风丸
TCMFx199 Jiu Wei Gan Tai Capsule 九味肝泰胶囊
TCMF7177 Jiu Wei Shuang Jie Oral Liquid 九味双解口服液
TCMFx4591 Jiu Zhi Qing Xin Pills 久芝清心丸
TCMFx201 Jiu Zhi Da Huang Pills 九制大黄丸
TCMFx1841 JP Decoction 金蒲汤
TCMF1198 Juan Xiao Tablet 蠲哮片
TCMF2459 JY Roundworm Decoction
TCMF4804 Kai Guang Fu Ming Pills 开光复明丸
TCMF251 Kai Guang Fu Ming Pills 开光复明丸
TCMF4844 Kai Xiong Xiao Shi Tablets 开胸消食片
TCMF4851 Kai Yu Lao Kou Pills 开郁老蔻丸
TCMF4859 Kai Yu Shu Gan Pills 开郁舒肝丸
TCMF4040 Kang Bian Tao Xian Yan Recipe 抗扁桃腺炎合剂
TCMFx4916 Kang Fu Ling Shuan 康复灵栓
TCMFx4921 Kang Fu Ling Yao Ointment 康复灵药膏
TCMF4140 Kang Jun Xiao Yan Tablets 抗菌消炎片
TCMF4178 Kang Sai Ling Syrup 抗腮灵糖浆
TCMFx4009 Kang Shi Niu Huang Jie Du Pills 康氏牛黄解毒丸
TCMFx4001 Kang Shi Niu Huang Jie Du Tablets 康氏牛黄解毒片
TCMFx578 Kang Shuan Zai Zao Pills 抗栓再造丸
TCMFx4215 Kang Shuan Zai Zao Pills 抗栓再造丸
TCMFx2553 KH Stone Removing Decoction 昆海排石汤
TCMF2393 Kid Heat Clearing Combination Recipe 小儿清热合剂
TCMF4512 Ku Dan Pills 苦胆丸
TCMF4506 Ku Dan Tablets 苦胆片
TCMF4555 Kuan Xiong Li Ge Pills 宽胸利膈丸
TCMFx4581 Kuan Zhong Shun Qi Pills 宽中顺气丸
TCMF4767 Lan Ji Pills 烂积丸
TCMFx4731 Lan Wei Ling Granules 阑尾灵颗粒
TCMF4747 Lan Wei Xiao Yan Pills 阑尾消炎丸
TCMF4738 Lan Wei Xiao Yan Tablets 阑尾消炎片
TCMF4775 Lang Chuang Pills 狼疮丸
TCMF930 Lang Chuang Pills 狼疮丸
TCMF4783 Lao Fan Zhi Wan Ying Shen Qu 老范志万应神曲
TCMF4799 Lao Kou Pills 老蔻丸
TCMF2711 Ledebouriella Powder that Sagely Unblocks 防风通圣散
TCMF603 Li Dan Pai Shi Granules 利胆排石颗粒
TCMF4909 Li Dan Tablets 利胆片
TCMF606 Li Ge Pills 利膈丸
TCMF4959 Li Ge Pills 利膈丸
TCMFx1851 Li Huang Heart Decay Decoction 蛎蝗汤
TCMFx4854 Li Tong Pills 黎峒丸
TCMF4035 Li Yan Jie Du Granules 利咽解毒颗粒
TCMFx571 Lian Hua Qing Wen Capsule 连花清瘟胶囊
TCMFx572 Lian Hua Qing Wen Granules 连花清瘟颗粒
TCMFx555 Lian Hua Qing Wen Tablet 连花清瘟片
TCMF4100 Lian Qiao Bai Du Ointment 连翘败毒膏
TCMF4113 Lian Qiao Bai Du Pills 连翘败毒丸
TCMF4106 Lian Qiao Bai Du Tablets 连翘败毒片
TCMFx4186 Liang Cai Xin Die Da Pills 梁财信跌打丸
TCMF4174 Liang Ge Pills 凉膈丸
TCMF7321 Liang Ge Powder 凉膈散
TCMFx4205 Liao Yuan Qi Li Powder 辽源七厘散
TCMF602 Li Yan Jie Du Granules 利咽解毒颗粒
TCMF1362 Lidan Paishi Tablets 利胆排石片
TCMF2261 Lidan Paishi Tablets; Cholagogic and Lithagogue Tablets 利胆排石片
TCMFx4218 Lin Jiang Feng Yao 临江风药
TCMFx4406 Ling Yang Qing Fei Granules 羚羊清肺颗粒
TCMFx4423 Ling Yang Qing Fei Pills 羚羊清肺丸
TCMF4275 Ling Yuan Wan Ying Tea 灵源万应茶
TCMF4516 Liu Shen Qu Shu Decoction 六神祛暑水
TCMFx6945 Liu Wei Neng Xiao Capsules 六味能消胶囊
TCMFx7156 Liu Wei Neng Xiao Tablets 六味能消片
TCMF4586 Liu Yu Pills 六郁丸
TCMFx358 Liu Wei An Xiao Capsule 六味安消胶囊
TCMFx1830 Liuwei Anxiao Powder 六味安消散
TCMFx1273 Liuwei Anxiao Powder 六味安消散
TCMF2439 Liver and Gallbladder Benefiting Decoction 疏肝利胆汤
TCMF4643 Long Hui Pills 龙荟丸
TCMF409 Long Ze Xiong Dan Capsule 龙泽熊胆胶囊
TCMF4706 Lu Shi Run Zi Pills 陆氏润字丸
TCMF4904 Luo Huang Jiang Ya Tablets 罗黄降压片
TCMFx4978 Lv Ying Ointment 绿樱膏
TCMFx1577 LX Qi Supproting Decoction 娄星承气汤
TCMF1063 Ma Ren Pills 麻仁丸
TCMF4993 Ma Ren Recipe 麻仁合剂
TCMF7049 Ma Ren Ruan Capsules 麻仁软胶囊
TCMFx4021 Ma Ren Run Chang Pills 麻仁润肠丸
TCMF4029 Ma Ren Zi Pi Pills 麻仁滋脾丸
TCMF1064 Ma Ren Zi Pi Pills 麻仁滋脾丸
TCMFx2382 Madness Control Recipe
TCMF2750 Major Bupleurum Decoction 大柴胡汤
TCMFx1538 Major Chest Relieving Decoction 大陷胸汤
TCMFx2720 Major Order the Qi Decoction 大承气汤
TCMFx1845 Maren Runchang Pills 麻仁润肠丸
TCMFx1274 Maren Runchang Pills 麻仁润肠丸
TCMFx4392 Meng Shi Gun Tan Tablets 礞石滚痰片
TCMFx1690 Mengshi Guntan Pills 礞石滚痰丸
TCMFx1245 Mengshi Guntan Pills; Chlorite Phlegm Eliminating Pill 礞石滚痰丸
TCMF4523 Ming Mu Shang Qing Pills 明目上清丸
TCMFx1558 Minor Qi Facilitating Decoction 小乘气汤
TCMF4553 Mo Jia Qing Ning Pills 莫家清宁丸
TCMF2653 Moisten the Intestines Pill 润肠丸
TCMFx1744 Moistening Qi Regulating Decoction 增液乘气汤
TCMF4620 Mu Xiang Li Qi Tablets 木香理气片
TCMFx4672 Nang Chong Pills 囊虫丸
TCMFx4794 Nao Sai Tong Pills 脑塞通丸
TCMFx4678 Nao Sha Ointment 硇砂膏
TCMF4845 Nei Xiao Luo Li Pills 内消瘰疬丸
TCMF330 Nei Xiao Luo Li Tablet 内消瘰疬片
TCMF4838 Nei Xiao Luo Li Tablets 内消瘰疠片
TCMF4852 Niao Du Ling Guan Chang Oral Liquid 尿毒灵灌肠液
TCMF4907 Ning Shen Ling Infusion 宁神灵冲剂
TCMFx5008 Niu Huang Jie Du Pills 牛黄解毒丸
TCMFx339 Niu Huang Jing Nao Tablet 牛黄净脑片
TCMF5015 Niu Huang Jing Nao Tablets 牛黄净脑片
TCMF5022 Niu Huang Ning Gong Tablets 牛黄宁宫片
TCMFx4188 Niu Huang Qing Fei Tablets 牛黄清肺片
TCMF4201 Niu Huang Qing Gong Pills 牛黄清宫丸
TCMF100 Niu Huang Qing Gong Pills 牛黄清宫丸
TCMFx4207 Niu Huang Qing Huo Pills 牛黄清火丸
TCMF4236 Niu Huang Qing Wei Pills 牛黄清胃丸
TCMF335 Niu Huang Shang Qing Capsule 牛黄上清胶囊
TCMF334 Niu Huang Shang Qing Ruan Capsule 牛黄上清软胶囊
TCMF333 Niu Huang Shang Qing Tablet 牛黄上清片
TCMF4243 Niu Huang Shang Qing Tablets 牛黄上清片
TCMFx4287 Niu Huang Xiao Yan Pills 牛黄消炎丸
TCMFx343 Niu Huang Xiao Yan Tablet 牛黄消炎片
TCMFx4281 Niu Huang Xiao Yan Tablets 牛黄消炎片
TCMFx338 Niu Huang Zhi Bao Pills 牛黄至宝丸
TCMFx4324 Niu Huang Zhi Bao Pills 牛黄至宝丸
TCMFx346 Niu Huang Jie Du Capsule 牛黄解毒胶囊
TCMFx345 Niu Huang Jie Du Ruan Capsule 牛黄解毒软胶囊
TCMFx2006 Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets 牛黄解毒片
TCMFx1310 Niuhuang Jiedu Tablets; Detoxicating Tablet of Cow-bezoar 牛黄解毒片
TCMF1433 Niuhuang Shangqing Pills 牛黄上清丸
TCMFx1568 Opening Powder 通利散
TCMF4444 Pai Shi Li Dan Granules 排石利胆颗粒
TCMFx1979 Panchrest Plaster 万应膏
TCMFx1759 Pancreate Clearing No 1 清胰1号
TCMF2654 Peach Pit Decoction to Order the Qi 桃核承气汤
TCMF2147 Peony Decoction 芍药汤
TCMF2437 Phlegm Guide Decoction 导痰通络汤
TCMFx4511 Pi Fu Bing Xue Du Pills 皮肤病血毒丸
TCMF1320 Pill for Purging Liver Fire; Fire Cathartic Pill 泻青丸
TCMF1322 Pill of Aurantii Immaturus for Relieving Stagnation, Pill of Immature Bitter Orange for Removing Stagnancy; Poncirus Obstruction Removing Pill 枳实导滞丸
TCMF2330 Pills of Aucklandiae and Arecae 木香槟榔丸
TCMFx1660 Pills of Stephaniae Tetrandrae, Zanthoxyli, Lepidii seu Descurainiae and Rhei 己椒苈黄丸
TCMF2061 Poncirus Obstruction Removing Pills 枳实导滞丸
TCMF2140 Powder for Clearing Away Heat in Upper or Middle Jiao 凉膈散
TCMFx2111 Powder of Antelope's Horn for Clearing Lung-heat 羚羊清肺散
TCMF2124 Powder of Eight Ingredients to Clear Heat and Dampness 八正散
TCMFx5071 Qian Qu 黔曲
TCMFx7048 Qian Shan Huo Xue Ointment 千山活血膏
TCMFx5064 Qian Yuan Wan ; 干元丸
TCMF6984 Qin Huang Hou Zheng Capsules 芩黄喉症胶囊
TCMF5172 Qing Fei Yi Huo Ointment 清肺抑火膏
TCMF84 Qing Fei Yi Huo Pills 清肺抑火丸
TCMF5180 Qing Fei Yi Huo Tablets 清肺抑火片
TCMFx5281 Qing Huo Tablets 清火片
TCMF5317 Qing Jiang Pills 清降丸
TCMF5310 Qing Jiang Tablets 清降片
TCMF5340 Qing Jin Zhi Sou Hua Tan Pills 清金止嗽化痰丸
TCMF5390 Qing Liang Gao Yao 清凉膏药
TCMF1088 Qing Lin Granules 清淋颗粒
TCMF5427 Qing Lin Infusion 清淋冲剂
TCMFx5095 Qing Lin Pills 青麟丸
TCMF5443 Qing Nao Fu Shen Oral Liquid 清脑复神液
TCMF5458 Qing Ning Pills 清宁丸
TCMFx5472 Qing Re An Gong Pills 清热安宫丸
TCMF5643 Qing Re Shen Xiong Pills 清热神芎丸
TCMFx5683 Qing Re Yi Zhi Powder 清热异滞散
TCMF5127 Qing Shen Jian Fei Tablets 轻身减肥片
TCMFx5135 Qing Shen Xiao Pang Pills 轻身消胖丸
TCMF5754 Qing Wei He Zhong Pills 清胃和中丸
TCMFx5770 Qing Wei Pills 清胃丸
TCMF5799 Qing Xie Pills 清泻丸
TCMF75 Qing Xie Pills 清泻丸
TCMFx5806 Qing Xin Gun Tan Pills 清心滚痰丸
TCMF7394 Qing Xin Li Ge Decoction 清心利膈汤
TCMF5872 Qing Xue Jie Du Pills 清血解毒丸
TCMF5880 Qing Xue Nei Xiao Pills 清血内消丸
TCMF5895 Qing Yan Li Ge Pills 清咽利膈丸
TCMF4967 Qing Yan Yi Huo Pills 清咽抑火丸
TCMF4976 Qing Yi Li Dan Infusion 清胰利胆冲剂
TCMFx5006 Qing Yu Bi Wen Dan 庆余辟瘟丹
TCMFx490 Qing Yu Pi Wen Dan 庆余辟瘟丹
TCMF2282 Qingfei Yihuo Pills 清肺抑火丸
TCMF2525 Qingning Pills 清宁丸
TCMF1403 Qingning Pills 清宁丸
TCMFx5050 Qu Chong Tablets 驱虫片
TCMF5297 Quan Zhou Bai Cao Qu 泉州百草曲
TCMF2260 Recipe No.II for Removing Gallstones
TCMFx2721 Regulate the Stomach and Order the Qi Decoction 调胃承气汤
TCMFx5537 Ren Shen Zai Zao Pills 人参再造丸
TCMFx1613 Rheum Coptis Heart Clearing Decoction 大黄黄连泻心汤
TCMF2751 Rhubarb and Licorice Decoction 大黄甘草汤
TCMFx2723 Rhubarb and Moutan Decoction 大黄牡丹皮汤
TCMFx2719 Rhubarb and Prepared Aconite Decoction 大黄附子汤
TCMF5600 Rou Gan Shun Qi Pills 柔肝顺气丸
TCMF534 Ru Yi Jin Huang Powder 如意金黄散
TCMF7341 Ru Yi Jin Huang Powder 如意金黄散
TCMFx5634 Ru Yi You 如意油
TCMF7388 Run Chang Decoction 润肠汤
TCMF5752 Run Chang Pills 润肠丸
TCMFx5821 Sai Jin Hua Du Powder 赛金化毒散
TCMFx5805 Sai Xian Ning Hu Ji 腮腺宁糊剂
TCMF5201 San Feng Huo Luo Pills 散风活络丸
TCMFx2844 San Hua Decoction 三化汤
TCMFx6870 San Huang Capsules 三黄胶囊
TCMFx4975 San Huang Pills 三黄丸
TCMFx220 San Huang Tablet 三黄片
TCMFx4966 San Huang Tablets 三黄片
TCMFx7393 San Huang Xie Xin Decoction 三黄泻心汤
TCMFx5065 San Qi Huo Xue Pills 三七活血丸
TCMF987 Sang Ge Jiang Zhi Pills 桑葛降脂丸
TCMF2537 Saposhnikovia High Efficacy Powder 防风通圣散
TCMF1687 semen arecae Qi Supporting Decoction 槟榔承气汤
TCMFx5361 Sha Chong Pills 杀虫丸
TCMFx5429 Sha Qi Pills 痧气丸
TCMFx168 Sha Yao 痧药
TCMF5436 Sha Yao Chan Su Pills 痧药蟾酥丸
TCMFx5544 Shan Zha Mai Qu Granules 山楂麦曲颗粒
TCMFx5662 Shang Ke Die Da Pills 伤科跌打丸
TCMFx5654 Shang Ke Die Da Tablets 伤科跌打片
TCMFx5669 Shang Ke Fu Yao 伤科敷药
TCMF5686 Shang Ke Qi Wei Tablets 伤科七味片
TCMFx5711 Shang Ke Tie 伤可贴
TCMFx5694 Shang Ke Wan Hua You 伤科万花油
TCMFx5703 Shang Ke Zhuang Gu Ointment 伤科壮骨膏
TCMF5829 Shang Qing Pills 上清丸
TCMF7071 Shang Qing Tablets 上清片
TCMF5719 Shang Shi Bao Zhen Ointment 伤湿宝珍膏
TCMFx6989 Shang Tong Die Da Pills 伤痛跌打丸
TCMFx5878 Shao Lin Feng Shi Die Da Ointment 少林风湿跌打膏
TCMF5861 Shao Shang Spray 烧伤喷雾剂
TCMFx5870 Shao Tang Shang Ointment 烧烫伤膏
TCMF7369 Shao Yao Decoction 芍药汤
TCMF2618 Shaolin Fengshi Dieda Plaster 少林风湿跌打膏
TCMF1439 Shaolin Fengshi Dieda Plaster 少林风湿跌打膏
TCMFx2388 Shayao Pills
TCMFx5041 She Shang Jie Du Tablets 蛇伤解毒片
TCMF5107 She Xiang Gou Pi Ointment 麝香狗皮膏
TCMFx5140 She Xiang Hui Yang Ointment 麝香回阳膏
TCMFx5162 She Xiang Jie Tong Ointment 麝香解痛膏
TCMFx1193 She Xiang Kang Shuan Capsule 麝香抗栓胶囊
TCMFx5171 She Xiang Kang Shuan Pills 麝香抗栓丸
TCMFx153 She Xiang Nao Mo Kang Capsule 麝香脑脉康胶囊
TCMF5179 She Xiang Niu Huang Pills 麝香牛黄丸
TCMFx5187 She Xiang Qi Ying Pills 麝香奇应丸
TCMF7107 She Zhu Ming Mu Eye Drops 麝珠明目滴眼液
TCMFx3172 Shen Bie Jia Jian Pills 参鳖甲煎丸
TCMF6964 Shen Gui Yang Xue Tablets 参归养血片
TCMFx3228 Shen Gui Zai Zao Pills 参桂再造丸
TCMF5384 Shen Qu Wei Tong Capsules 神曲胃痛胶囊
TCMF5393 Shen Qu Wei Tong Tablets 神曲胃痛片
TCMFx3738 Shen She Huo Luo Pills 参麝活络丸
TCMF5520 Shen Shuai Kang Guan Chang Oral Liquid 肾衰康灌肠液
TCMF633 Shen Shuai Ning Capsule 肾衰宁胶囊
TCMF5532 Shen Shuai Ning Capsules 肾衰宁胶囊
TCMF724 Shen Fu Qiang Xin Pills 参附强心丸
TCMF736 Shen Jing Zhi Ke Pills 参精止渴丸
TCMF7106 Sheng Mo Zeng Ye Tong Capsules 生脉增液通胶囊
TCMFx5893 Shi Di Decoction 十滴水
TCMFx207 Shi Di Shui 十滴水
TCMFx208 Shi Di Shui Ruan Capsule 十滴水软胶囊
TCMFx5935 Shi Hui Pills 十灰丸
TCMFx5926 Shi Hui Powder 十灰散
TCMFx5009 Shi Wu Zhi Qing Ning Pills 十五制清宁丸
TCMFx5885 Shi Zhen Powder 湿疹散
TCMFx1383 Shiyiwei Nengxiao Pills 十一味能消丸
TCMFx2401 Shiyiwei Nengxiao Pills 十一味能消丸
TCMF1047 Shu Dan Capsule 舒胆胶囊
TCMF5223 Shu Dan Capsules 舒胆胶囊
TCMF5249 Shu Dan Tablets 舒胆片
TCMFx5605 Shu Feng Zai Zao Pills 疏风再造丸
TCMF5285 Shu Gan Jian Wei Infusion 舒肝健胃冲剂
TCMFx5391 Shu Jin Die Da Ointment 舒筋跌打膏
TCMFx5398 Shu Jin Ding Tong Tablets 舒筋定痛片
TCMF5424 Shu Jin Huo Xue Pills 舒筋活血丸
TCMF5486 Shu Qi Pills 舒气丸
TCMF5565 Shu Zhi Pills 舒痔丸
TCMFx5764 Shui Peng Ointment 水蓬膏
TCMF5812 Si Hong Dan 四红丹
TCMF5866 Si Ji San Huang Pills 四季三黄丸
TCMF5858 Si Ji San Huang Tablets 四季三黄片
TCMFx5979 Si Xiao Pills 四消丸
TCMF6019 Sou Feng Shun Qi Pills 搜风顺气丸
TCMFx1540 Stomach and Qi Regulating Decoction 调胃乘气汤
TCMFx2574 Stone Remover Combination Recipe 排石合剂
TCMF2259 Stone Remover Decoction 柴胡郁金排石汤
TCMFx5144 Sun Shang Gu Yao Ointment 损伤骨药膏
TCMFx5243 Tai Ji Pills 太极丸
TCMFx5236 Tai Ji Sheng Jiang Pills 太极升降丸
TCMF1782 Taiyi Plaster 太乙膏
TCMF5314 Tang Huo Powder 烫火散
TCMF2752 Tang kuei Decoction 当归汤
TCMF5322 Tang Shang You 烫伤油
TCMF961 Tang Shang You 烫伤油
TCMF2790 Tao He Cheng Qi Decoction 桃核承气汤
TCMF7350 Tao Ren Cheng Qi Decoction 桃仁承气汤
TCMFx1730 Tapeworm-Expelling Decoction 驱绦汤
TCMFx2420 Ten Ashes Powder 十灰散
TCMFx1550 Three Drugs for Emergency Pills 三物备急丸
TCMFx1999 Three Rawness Decoction 三生汤
TCMFx5535 Tian Qi Die Da Feng Shi Ruan Ointment 田七跌打风湿软膏
TCMFx5543 Tian Qi Die Da Pills 田七跌打丸
TCMFx5632 Tiao Jing Jian Wei Pills 调经健胃丸
TCMF5674 Tiao Jing Zhi Bao Pills 调经至宝丸
TCMF5691 Tiao Jing Zi Mei Pills 调经姊妹丸
TCMFx5731 Tiao Zhong Si Xiao Pills 调中四消丸
TCMFx982 Tong Bi Capsule 通痹胶囊
TCMFx5808 Tong Bian Xiao Cuo Capsules 通便消痤胶囊
TCMF5816 Tong Jing Gan Lu Pills 通经甘露丸
TCMFx5825 Tong Luo Huo Xue Pills 通络活血丸
TCMFx5051 Tong Ren Da Huo Luo Pills 同仁大活络丸
TCMF5036 Tong You Run Zao Pills 通幽润燥丸
TCMF973 Tong You Run Zao Pills 通幽润燥丸
TCMF978 Tong Luo Qu Tong Ointment 通络祛痛膏
TCMF5133 Tou Feng Ointment 头风膏
TCMFx2187 TT Qi Supporting Decoction
TCMFx5168 Tu Su Oral Liquid 屠苏液
TCMFx2613 Turtle Shell Fries Bolus 鳖甲煎丸
TCMF2247 Vessel and Vehicle Pill 舟车丸
TCMF484 Wai Shang Ru Yi Ointment 外伤如意膏
TCMF5262 Wai Shang Ru Yi Ointment 外伤如意膏
TCMFx5279 Wai Yong Die Da Zhi Tong Ointment 外用跌打止痛膏
TCMFx5284 Wai Yong Wan Ying Ointment 外用万应膏
TCMFx5293 Wai Yong Wu Di Ointment 外用无敌膏
TCMF5332 Wan Ling Jin Gu Ointment 万灵筋骨膏
TCMFx5347 Wan Ling Wu Xiang Ointment 万灵五香膏
TCMF5385 Wan Ying Bao Zhen Ointment 万应宝珍膏
TCMF5392 Wan Ying Tea 万应茶
TCMF5425 Wang Hui Hui Gou Pi Ointment 王回回狗皮膏
TCMFx5431 Wang Shi Bao Chi Pills 王氏保赤丸
TCMF804 Wei Chang An Pills 胃肠安丸
TCMF5579 Wei Chang Fu Yuan Ointment 胃肠复元膏
TCMF805 Wei Chang Fu Yuan Ointment 胃肠复元膏
TCMF7062 Wei Li Kang Granules 胃力康颗粒
TCMF5712 Wei Li Tablets 胃力片
TCMF2819 Wen Pi Decoction 温脾汤
TCMFx1793 White Tiger Qi-Supporting Decoction 白虎乘气汤
TCMFx1871 WM Qi Supporting Decoction 乌梅承气汤
TCMFx2506 Worm Pill 囊虫丸
TCMFx5370 Wu Gong Zhui Feng Ointment 蜈蚣追风膏
TCMFx5477 Wu Jia Pills 五瘕丸
TCMFx5254 Wu Jin Zhi Tong Pills 乌金止痛丸
TCMF417 Wu Jun Zhi Dan Tablet 乌军治胆片
TCMF5261 Wu Jun Zhi Dan Tablets 乌军治胆片
TCMF5554 Wu Ren Run Chang Pills 五仁润肠丸
TCMFx5588 Wu Xiang Shang Ointment 五香伤膏
TCMF5750 Xi Jiao Hua Du Pills 犀角化毒丸
TCMF5707 Xi Ling Dan 西羚丹
TCMF5716 Xi Ling Tablets 西羚片
TCMF5740 Xi Shang Le Ding 息伤乐酊
TCMFx5978 Xiang Gui Huo Xue Ointment 香桂活血膏
TCMF7389 Xiang Sheng Po Di Pills 响声破笛丸
TCMF6510 Xiao Bai Du Ointment 小败毒膏
TCMFx7348 Xiao Cheng Qi Decoction 小承气汤
TCMFx2799 Xiao Cheng Qi Decoction 小承气汤
TCMFx6552 Xiao Er Bai Le Tablets 小儿百乐片
TCMFx6572 Xiao Er Bai Xiao Tablets 小儿百效片
TCMF273 Xiao Er Chi Qiao Qing Re Granules 小儿豉翘清热颗粒
TCMF6626 Xiao Er Dao Chi Tablets 小儿导赤片
TCMF243 Xiao Er Fei Ke Granules 小儿肺咳颗粒
TCMFx236 Xiao Er Hua Du Powder 小儿化毒散
TCMFx6717 Xiao Er Hua Shi Pills 小儿化食丸
TCMFx6741 Xiao Er Hua Zhi Powder 小儿化滞散
TCMFx237 Xiao Er Hua Shi Oral Liquid 小儿化食口服液
TCMFx238 Xiao Er Hua Shi Pills 小儿化食丸
TCMF6127 Xiao Er Ming Mu Pills 小儿明目丸
TCMFx6143 Xiao Er Niu Huang Granules 小儿牛黄颗粒
TCMFx6165 Xiao Er Niu Huang Powder 小儿牛黄散
TCMFx6159 Xiao Er Niu Huang Qing Xin Powder 小儿牛黄清心散
TCMFx6220 Xiao Er Qi Feng Powder 小儿脐风散
TCMFx6285 Xiao Er Qing Re Hua Tan Shuan 小儿清热化痰栓
TCMF276 Xiao Er Qing Re Tablet 小儿清热片
TCMF6304 Xiao Er Qing Re Tablets 小儿清热片
TCMF270 Xiao Er Re Su Qing Granules 小儿热速清颗粒
TCMF269 Xiao Er Re Su Qing Oral Liquid 小儿热速清口服液
TCMF271 Xiao Er Re Su Qing Syrup 小儿热速清糖浆
TCMFx6358 Xiao Er Tai Ji Pills 小儿太极丸
TCMF6425 Xiao Er Xiao Ji Pills 小儿消积丸
TCMF6469 Xiao Er Xie Xie Ting Granules 小儿泄泻停颗粒
TCMF6489 Xiao Er Zeng Shi Tablets 小儿增食片
TCMFx6595 Xiao Er Zhu Huang Powder 小儿珠黄散
TCMFx6037 Xiao Feng Powder 消疯散
TCMFx6102 Xiao Ji Hua Zhi Tablets 消积化滞片
TCMF6126 Xiao Ji Pills 消积丸
TCMF6118 Xiao Ji Shun Qi Pills 消积顺气丸
TCMFx6327 Xiao Shui Dao Zhi Pills 消水导滞丸
TCMF7399 Xiao Zhi Pills 消痣丸
TCMFx6476 Xiao Zhi Pills 消痔丸
TCMF943 Xiao Shi Tui Re Syrup 消食退热糖浆
TCMFx6674 Xie Du Powder 泻毒散
TCMF6732 Xie Qing Pills 泻青丸
TCMF6740 Xie Re Recipe 泻热合剂
TCMFx6138 Xing Nao An Shen Capsules 醒脑安神胶囊
TCMFx1177 Xing Nao Zai Zao Capsules 醒脑再造胶囊
TCMFx6167 Xing Nao Zai Zao Capsules 醒脑再造胶囊
TCMFx6174 Xing Nao Zai Zao Pills 醒脑再造丸
TCMF6277 Xiong Dan Pills 熊胆丸
TCMFx6477 Xue Fu Sheng Tablets 血复生片
TCMF6664 Yan Ke Ning Tablets 炎可宁片
TCMF6788 Yang Pi Powder 养脾散
TCMF6820 Yang Wei Ning Capsules 养胃宁胶囊
TCMFx6077 Yang Yin Jiang Ye Capsules 养阴降压胶囊
TCMFx531 Yang He Jie Ning Ointment 阳和解凝膏
TCMF2357 YC-BLG Decoction 茵陈板蓝根汤
TCMF1721 Yellow Dragon Decoction 黄龙汤
TCMF6305 Yi Ba Zhua 一把抓
TCMF6362 Yi Dan Yan Recipe 胰胆炎合剂
TCMF6394 Yi Gan Jie Du Capsules 乙肝解毒胶囊
TCMF6401 Yi Gan Ling Pills 乙肝灵丸
TCMF176 Yi Nian Jin Capsule 一捻金胶囊
TCMFx177 Yi Qing Capsule 一清胶囊
TCMFx6328 Yi Qing Granules 一清颗粒
TCMFx178 Yi Qing Granules 一清颗粒
TCMFx7144 Yi Qing Tablets 一清片
TCMFx7166 Yi Qing Tablets 一清片
TCMF6759 Yi Xue Ointment 益血膏
TCMFx6766 Yi Xue Sheng Capsules 益血生胶囊
TCMF7398 Yi Zi Decoction 乙字汤
TCMFx1015 Yi Xue Sheng Capsule 益血生胶囊
TCMF7383 Yin Chen Hao Decoction 茵陈蒿汤
TCMF730 Yin Qi Gan Fu Granules 茵芪肝复颗粒
TCMFx6232 Ying Er Xiao Shi Powder 婴儿消食散
TCMF2284 YJ Tiger and Snake Decoction
TCMF691 Yu Jin Yin Xie Tablet 郁金银屑片
TCMF6465 Yu Jin Yin Xie Tablets 郁金银屑片
TCMF7024 Yuan He Zheng Wei Tablets 元和正胃片
TCMF2502 YY Liver Clearing Decoction
TCMFx470 Zai Zao Pills 再造丸
TCMFx6821 Zhan Jiang Chan Chu Ointment 湛江蟾蜍膏
TCMFx6833 Zhang Zhou Shen Qu 漳州神曲
TCMFx6105 Zhen Huang An Gong Tablets 珍黄安宫片
TCMFx6120 Zhen Huang Wei Tablets 珍黄胃片
TCMFx6310 Zheng Gu Ointment 正骨膏
TCMFx6324 Zheng Gu Zi Jin Pills 正骨紫金丸
TCMFx6140 Zhi Chuang Shuan 痔疮栓
TCMFx1067 Zhi Chuang Tablet 痔疮片
TCMFx6132 Zhi Chuang Tablets 痔疮片
TCMFx873 Zhi Kang Capsule 致康胶囊
TCMF1068 Zhi Kang Tablet 痔康片
TCMFx6092 Zhi Shang Die Da Pills 治伤跌打丸
TCMF6581 Zhi Sou Hua Tan Pills 止嗽化痰丸
TCMF323 Zhi Sou Hua Tan Pills 止嗽化痰丸
TCMFx6654 Zhi Xian Powder 止痫散
TCMFx6184 Zhi Xue Pills 痔血丸
TCMF759 Zhi Zi Jin Hua Pills 栀子金花丸
TCMFx314 Zhi Xue Fu Mai Recipe 止血复脉合剂
TCMFx6224 Zhong Feng Zai Zao Pills 中风再造丸
TCMFx6316 Zhou Che Pills 舟车丸
TCMF2252 Zhouju Pill
TCMF6438 Zhu Li Da Tan Pills 竹沥达痰丸
TCMF504 Zhu Li Da Tan Pills 竹沥达痰丸
TCMFx6365 Zhu Shi A Wei Xiao Pi Ointment 朱氏阿魏消痞膏
TCMF6607 Zhui Feng Ointment 追风膏
TCMF6686 Zhui Feng Zhuang Gu Ointment 追风壮骨膏

Targeted Human Proteins by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Gene Symbol Target Name Target Class Uniprot ID
TCMT1 EHMT2 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase, H3 lysine-9 specific 3 Transferase Q96KQ7
TCMT100 TTR Transthyretin Unclassified P02766
TCMT101 PTPN1 Protein-tyrosine phosphatase 1B Hydrolase P18031
TCMT11 HIF1A Hypoxia-inducible factor 1 alpha Transcription factor Q16665
TCMT112 ADORA3 Adenosine A3 receptor GPCR P0DMS8
TCMT114 CNR2 Cannabinoid CB2 receptor GPCR P34972
TCMT115 CNR1 Cannabinoid CB1 receptor GPCR P21554
TCMT125 GBA Beta-glucocerebrosidase Hydrolase P04062
TCMT126 TERT Telomerase reverse transcriptase Transferase O14746
TCMT13 APEX1 DNA-(apurinic or apyrimidinic site) lyase Lyase P27695
TCMT130 ALOX5 Arachidonate 5-lipoxygenase Oxidoreductase P09917
TCMT131 ACHE Acetylcholinesterase Hydrolase P22303
TCMT132 BCHE Butyrylcholinesterase Hydrolase P06276
TCMT133 CA1 Carbonic anhydrase I Lyase P00915
TCMT134 CA2 Carbonic anhydrase II Lyase P00918
TCMT135 CA14 Carbonic anhydrase XIV Lyase Q9ULX7
TCMT136 CA12 Carbonic anhydrase XII Lyase O43570
TCMT137 CA9 Carbonic anhydrase IX Lyase Q16790
TCMT138 CA7 Carbonic anhydrase VII Lyase P43166
TCMT139 CA6 Carbonic anhydrase VI Lyase P23280
TCMT140 CA5B Carbonic anhydrase VB Lyase Q9Y2D0
TCMT141 CA5A Carbonic anhydrase VA Lyase P35218
TCMT142 CA4 Carbonic anhydrase IV Lyase P22748
TCMT143 CA3 Carbonic anhydrase III Lyase P07451
TCMT150 RORC Nuclear receptor ROR-gamma Nuclear receptor P51449
TCMT156 CYP19A1 Cytochrome P450 19A1 Oxidoreductase P11511
TCMT158 EPHX2 Epoxide hydratase Lyase P34913
TCMT159 TYR Tyrosinase Oxidoreductase P14679
TCMT160 HTR7 Serotonin 7 (5-HT7) receptor GPCR P34969
TCMT161 HCAR2 Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 2 GPCR Q8TDS4
TCMT162 UGT1A1 UDP-glucuronosyltransferase 1-1 Transferase P22309
TCMT164 PTGS1 Cyclooxygenase-1 Oxidoreductase P23219
TCMT166 AKR1C2 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member C2 Oxidoreductase P52895
TCMT167 AKR1C3 Aldo-keto-reductase family 1 member C3 Oxidoreductase P42330
TCMT168 AKR1C4 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member C4 Oxidoreductase P17516
TCMT17 POLB DNA polymerase beta Transferase P06746
TCMT174 HSD11B1 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 1 Oxidoreductase P28845
TCMT18 GAA Lysosomal alpha-glucosidase Hydrolase P10253
TCMT186 MAOB Monoamine oxidase B Oxidoreductase P27338
TCMT187 AR Androgen Receptor Nuclear receptor P10275
TCMT188 DHFR Dihydrofolate reductase Oxidoreductase P00374
TCMT189 DUSP3 Dual specificity protein phosphatase 3 Hydrolase P51452
TCMT195 MAP2K1 Dual specificity mitogen-activated protein kinase kinase 1 Kinase Q02750
TCMT2 MAPT Microtubule-associated protein tau Unclassified P10636
TCMT207 BACE1 Beta-secretase 1 Protease P56817
TCMT208 MAOA Monoamine oxidase A Oxidoreductase P21397
TCMT209 HSD11B2 11-beta-hydroxysteroid dehydrogenase 2 Oxidoreductase P80365
TCMT212 SRC Tyrosine-protein kinase SRC Kinase P12931
TCMT215 CYP1A1 Cytochrome P450 1A1 Oxidoreductase P04798
TCMT22 ALPI Intestinal alkaline phosphatase Hydrolase P09923
TCMT223 AKR1B1 Aldose reductase Oxidoreductase P15121
TCMT225 CA13 Carbonic anhydrase XIII Lyase Q8N1Q1
TCMT23 ALPL Alkaline phosphatase, tissue-nonspecific isozyme Hydrolase P05186
TCMT230 HSD17B3 Estradiol 17-beta-dehydrogenase 3 Oxidoreductase P37058
TCMT232 ABCB1 P-glycoprotein 1 Transporter P08183
TCMT236 ESR2 Estrogen receptor beta Nuclear receptor Q92731
TCMT239 PIM1 Serine/threonine-protein kinase PIM1 Kinase P11309
TCMT240 AMY1A Salivary alpha-amylase Unclassified P04745
TCMT248 CXCL8 Interleukin-8 Unclassified P10145
TCMT257 CYP1B1 Cytochrome P450 1B1 Oxidoreductase Q16678
TCMT260 FLT3 Tyrosine-protein kinase receptor FLT3 Kinase P36888
TCMT261 DAPK1 Death-associated protein kinase 1 Kinase P53355
TCMT265 GSK3B Glycogen synthase kinase-3 beta Kinase P49841
TCMT27 DRD1 Dopamine D1 receptor GPCR P21728
TCMT276 SLCO2B1 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 2B1 Transporter O94956
TCMT277 SLCO1B3 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B3 Transporter Q9NPD5
TCMT278 SLCO1B1 Solute carrier organic anion transporter family member 1B1 Transporter Q9Y6L6
TCMT280 AKR1B10 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member B10 Oxidoreductase O60218
TCMT283 PTPRS Receptor-type tyrosine-protein phosphatase S Hydrolase Q13332
TCMT295 MMP1 Matrix metalloproteinase-1 Hydrolase P03956
TCMT3 ALOX15 Arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase Oxidoreductase P16050
TCMT30 PTGS2 Cyclooxygenase-2 Oxidoreductase P35354
TCMT306 MMP2 Matrix metalloproteinase-2 Hydrolase P08253
TCMT31 CYP2C19 Cytochrome P450 2C19 Oxidoreductase P33261
TCMT313 HTR2B Serotonin 2b (5-HT2b) receptor GPCR P41595
TCMT314 HTR2C Serotonin 2c (5-HT2c) receptor GPCR P28335
TCMT315 HTR6 Serotonin 6 (5-HT6) receptor GPCR P50406
TCMT316 MTNR1A Melatonin receptor 1A GPCR P48039
TCMT317 MTNR1B Melatonin receptor 1B GPCR P49286
TCMT318 HKDC1 Putative hexokinase HKDC1 Transferase Q2TB90
TCMT321 MMP9 Matrix metalloproteinase 9 Hydrolase P14780
TCMT329 NQO2 Quinone reductase 2 Oxidoreductase P16083
TCMT33 CYP3A4 Cytochrome P450 3A4 Oxidoreductase P08684
TCMT34 CYP2D6 Cytochrome P450 2D6 Oxidoreductase P10635
TCMT36 HTR1A Serotonin 1a (5-HT1a) receptor GPCR P08908
TCMT37 HTR2A Serotonin 2a (5-HT2a) receptor GPCR P28223
TCMT384 GRK6 G protein-coupled receptor kinase 6 Kinase P43250
TCMT41 IDH1 Isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] cytoplasmic Oxidoreductase O75874
TCMT42 KMT2A Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase MLL Transferase Q03164
TCMT423 EGFR Epidermal growth factor receptor erbB1 Kinase P00533
TCMT44 GLO1 Glyoxalase I Lyase Q04760
TCMT45 APP Beta amyloid A4 protein Unclassified P05067
TCMT47 BCL2 Apoptosis regulator Bcl-2 Ion channel P10415
TCMT508 SYK Tyrosine-protein kinase SYK Kinase P43405
TCMT563 CDC25B Dual specificity phosphatase Cdc25B Hydrolase P30305
TCMT564 PRMT1 Protein-arginine N-methyltransferase 1 Transferase Q99873
TCMT59 BCL2L1 Apoptosis regulator Bcl-X Ion channel Q07817
TCMT599 UBE2N Ubiquitin-conjugating enzyme E2 N Transferase P61088
TCMT6 NFKB1 Nuclear factor NF-kappa-B p105 subunit Transcription factor P19838
TCMT60 FASN Fatty acid synthase Unclassified P49327
TCMT601 F2 Thrombin Unclassified P00734
TCMT609 CTSL Cathepsin L Unclassified P07711
TCMT629 ABCC1 Multidrug resistance-associated protein 1 Transporter P33527
TCMT638 SIRT2 NAD-dependent deacetylase sirtuin 2 Hydrolase Q8IXJ6
TCMT644 HTR3A Serotonin 3a (5-HT3a) receptor Ion channel P46098
TCMT645 HTR1E Serotonin 1e (5-HT1e) receptor GPCR P28566
TCMT646 HTR5A Serotonin 5a (5-HT5a) receptor GPCR P47898
TCMT69 THRB Thyroid hormone receptor beta-1 Nuclear receptor P10828
TCMT714 ODC1 Ornithine decarboxylase Lyase P11926
TCMT726 BCR Bcr/Abl fusion protein Kinase P11274
TCMT729 PIK3CA PI3-kinase p110-alpha subunit Transferase P42336
TCMT730 PIK3CB PI3-kinase p110-beta subunit Transferase P42338
TCMT735 RXRA Retinoid X receptor alpha Nuclear receptor P19793
TCMT739 GPR35 G-protein coupled receptor 35 GPCR Q9HC97
TCMT747 ABCG2 ATP-binding cassette sub-family G member 2 Transporter Q9UNQ0
TCMT752 CSNK2A1 Casein kinase II alpha Kinase P68400
TCMT8 KDM4E Lysine-specific demethylase 4D-like Oxidoreductase B2RXH2
TCMT80 MAPK1 MAP kinase ERK2 Kinase P28482
TCMT81 ALOX12 Arachidonate 12-lipoxygenase Oxidoreductase P18054
TCMT815 HTR1D Serotonin 1d (5-HT1d) receptor GPCR P28221
TCMT816 HTR1B Serotonin 1b (5-HT1b) receptor GPCR P28222
TCMT817 HTR4 Serotonin 4 (5-HT4) receptor GPCR Q13639
TCMT82 ESR1 Estrogen receptor alpha Nuclear receptor P03372
TCMT822 FUT7 Alpha-(1,3)-fucosyltransferase 7 Transferase Q11130
TCMT83 CD38 Lymphocyte differentiation antigen CD38 Unclassified P28907
TCMT87 CYP2C9 Cytochrome P450 2C9 Oxidoreductase P11712
TCMT95 MPG DNA-3-methyladenine glycosylase Hydrolase P29372

Targeted Pathogenic Microbes by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Target Name
TCMT1086 Isocitrate lyase
TCMT1090 Human immunodeficiency virus type 1 integrase
TCMT1092 Fatty acid synthase
TCMT1093 Enoyl-acyl-carrier protein reductase
TCMT1094 3-oxoacyl-acyl-carrier protein reductase
TCMT1099 Neuraminidase
TCMT1104 Sortase
TCMT1108 Integrase
TCMT1136 Neuraminidase
TCMT1170 Enterobacter cloacae
TCMT1175 Human immunodeficiency virus
TCMT1176 Streptococcus pneumoniae
TCMT1178 Actinomyces viscosus
TCMT1182 Streptococcus sanguinis
TCMT1183 Candida albicans SC5314
TCMT1189 Pseudomonas fluorescens
TCMT1190 Plasmodium falciparum (isolate FcB1 / Columbia)
TCMT1201 Staphylococcus epidermidis ATCC 12228
TCMT1212 Verticillium dahliae
TCMT1213 Neisseria gonorrhoeae
TCMT1218 Staphylococcus aureus
TCMT1219 Enterococcus
TCMT1222 Plasmodium falciparum D6
TCMT1223 Staphylococcus epidermidis
TCMT1229 Enterococcus faecalis
TCMT1246 Escherichia coli
TCMT1249 Dengue virus 2
TCMT1251 Candida albicans
TCMT1286 Bacillus cereus
TCMT1438 Plasmodium falciparum
TCMT1454 Bacillus subtilis
TCMT1455 Mycobacterium tuberculosis H37Rv
TCMT1458 Filobasidiella neoformans
TCMT1462 Streptococcus mutans
TCMT1463 Mycobacterium tuberculosis
TCMT1464 Hepatitis B virus
TCMT1465 Entamoeba histolytica

Ingredient Structrues

Ingredient ID: TCMC995
Formula: C35H60O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC921
Formula: C14H12O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC916
Formula: C9H8O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC913
Formula: C15H14O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC912
Formula: C15H10O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC879
Formula: C22H18O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC878
Formula: C15H14O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC847
Formula: C9H8O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC841
Formula: C10H10O

Ingredient ID: TCMC795
Formula: C13H16O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC756
Formula: C21H18O11

Ingredient ID: TCMC755
Formula: C15H10O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC741
Formula: C14H8O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC7142
Formula: C13H14O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC706
Formula: C14H8O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC704
Formula: C14H8O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC6748
Formula: C42H40O19

Ingredient ID: TCMC6714
Formula: C30H22O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC665
Formula: C21H22O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC664
Formula: C21H22O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC663
Formula: C15H10O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC6503
Formula: C36H36O17

Ingredient ID: TCMC6158
Formula: C12H10O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC6028
Formula: C27H30O16

Ingredient ID: TCMC5974
Formula: C42H40O19

Ingredient ID: TCMC5973
Formula: C37H30O16

Ingredient ID: TCMC5853
Formula: C23H18O14

Ingredient ID: TCMC5846
Formula: C20H20O14

Ingredient ID: TCMC5841
Formula: C15H18O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC5838
Formula: C20H22O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC5650
Formula: C30H26O12

Ingredient ID: TCMC548
Formula: C28H34O15

Ingredient ID: TCMC5386
Formula: C23H26O11

Ingredient ID: TCMC5127
Formula: C35H46O19

Ingredient ID: TCMC5126
Formula: C34H44O19

Ingredient ID: TCMC5123
Formula: C35H46O19

Ingredient ID: TCMC5041
Formula: C29H26O15

Ingredient ID: TCMC5037
Formula: C21H20O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC5035
Formula: C21H24O11

Ingredient ID: TCMC4909
Formula: C20H22O8

Ingredient ID: TCMC4908
Formula: C27H26O12

Ingredient ID: TCMC4892
Formula: C22H24O12

Ingredient ID: TCMC4848
Formula: C21H18O11

Ingredient ID: TCMC4847
Formula: C15H14O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC4834
Formula: C28H32O15

Ingredient ID: TCMC4832
Formula: C16H22O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC4796
Formula: C19H22O8

Ingredient ID: TCMC4747
Formula: C12H12O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC4713
Formula: C21H20O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC4567
Formula: C13H16O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC4469
Formula: C22H22O11

Ingredient ID: TCMC4467
Formula: C12H10O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC4460
Formula: C11H8O5

Ingredient ID: TCMC4459
Formula: C17H18O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC4291
Formula: C15H18O7

Ingredient ID: TCMC416
Formula: C22H18O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC4088
Formula: C21H24O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC4
Formula: C22H18O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC3994
Formula: C26H34O14

Ingredient ID: TCMC3817
Formula: C20H20O14

Ingredient ID: TCMC3637
Formula: C22H22O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC3607
Formula: C42H40O19

Ingredient ID: TCMC3539
Formula: C16H24O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC3515
Formula: C30H26O12

Ingredient ID: TCMC3514
Formula: C21H20O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC3479
Formula: C13H16O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC3446
Formula: C44H34O20

Ingredient ID: TCMC3441
Formula: C30H18O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC3377
Formula: C19H22O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC3367
Formula: C21H20O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC3331
Formula: C30H18O10

Ingredient ID: TCMC3240
Formula: C42H38O20

Ingredient ID: TCMC3220
Formula: C10H13NO3

Ingredient ID: TCMC3216
Formula: C15H12O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC3188
Formula: C23H26O11

Ingredient ID: TCMC3
Formula: C15H14O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC2806
Formula: C13H12O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC2699
Formula: C25H24O11

Ingredient ID: TCMC2641
Formula: C21H20O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC255
Formula: C15H12O4

Ingredient ID: TCMC2486
Formula: C20H24O9

Ingredient ID: TCMC24
Formula: C15H14O6