Component: Rhizoma curcumae 广西莪术

Description of the Component

Component ID
Latin Name
Rhizoma curcumae
English Name
rhizome of kwangsi turmeric
Chinese Pinyin Name
Guang Xi E Zhu
TCM Properties
TCM Meridians
Therapeutic Class English
Blood activation and stasis removal
Therapeutic Class Chinese
promote the flow of qi and eliminate blood stasis with strong effect, and relieve pain by removing the stagnation of undigested food
Geo-authentic habitats (道地产区)
Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015)
Barcode ID
Barcode Source

TCM Prescriptions with the Component

Prescription ID Prescription English Name Prescription Chinese Name
TCMF2624 Anyang Jingzhi Plaster 安阳精制膏
TCMF1444 Anyang Jingzhi Plaster 安阳精制膏
TCMF2450 Breast Pit Drink
TCMF2452 Breast Scleroma Desolving Decoction 乳块消汤
TCMF2303 Chenxiang Huaqi Pills 沉香化气丸
TCMF1369 Chenxiang Huaqi Pills 沉香化气丸
TCMF2451 Detoxification Decoction 解毒内消汤
TCMFx2568 Fuke Tongjing Pills 妇科通经丸
TCMFx1415 Fuke Tongjing Pills 妇科通经丸
TCMFx2597 Huixiang Juhe Pills 茴香橘核丸
TCMFx1425 Huixiang Juhe Pills 茴香橘核丸
TCMF2365 Interior Benefiting Stamoch Decoction 益中活血汤
TCMF2273 Jiuqi Niantong Pills 九气拈痛丸
TCMF1367 Jiuqi Niantong Pills 九气拈痛丸
TCMFx1998 Kaixiong Shunqi Pills 开胸顺气丸
TCMFx1308 Kaixiong Shunqi Pills; Digestion-Promoting Pill 开胸顺气丸
TCMF2595 Muxiang Fenqi Pills 木香分气丸
TCMF1424 Muxiang Fenqi Pills 木香分气丸
TCMF2552 Qi Benefiting Stone Remover Decoction 益气排石汤
TCMFx2391 Sargassum Tumor Reduction Decoction 海藻消瘿汤
TCMF2618 Shaolin Fengshi Dieda Plaster 少林风湿跌打膏
TCMF1439 Shaolin Fengshi Dieda Plaster 少林风湿跌打膏
TCMFx2574 Stone Remover Combination Recipe 排石合剂
TCMF2347 Tumor Desovling Decoction

Targeted Human Proteins by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Gene Symbol Target Name Target Class Uniprot ID
TCMT133 CA1 Carbonic anhydrase I Lyase P00915
TCMT134 CA2 Carbonic anhydrase II Lyase P00918
TCMT135 CA14 Carbonic anhydrase XIV Lyase Q9ULX7
TCMT136 CA12 Carbonic anhydrase XII Lyase O43570
TCMT137 CA9 Carbonic anhydrase IX Lyase Q16790
TCMT138 CA7 Carbonic anhydrase VII Lyase P43166
TCMT139 CA6 Carbonic anhydrase VI Lyase P23280
TCMT140 CA5B Carbonic anhydrase VB Lyase Q9Y2D0
TCMT141 CA5A Carbonic anhydrase VA Lyase P35218
TCMT142 CA4 Carbonic anhydrase IV Lyase P22748
TCMT143 CA3 Carbonic anhydrase III Lyase P07451
TCMT150 RORC Nuclear receptor ROR-gamma Nuclear receptor P51449
TCMT156 CYP19A1 Cytochrome P450 19A1 Oxidoreductase P11511
TCMT159 TYR Tyrosinase Oxidoreductase P14679
TCMT161 HCAR2 Hydroxycarboxylic acid receptor 2 GPCR Q8TDS4
TCMT166 AKR1C2 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member C2 Oxidoreductase P52895
TCMT167 AKR1C3 Aldo-keto-reductase family 1 member C3 Oxidoreductase P42330
TCMT168 AKR1C4 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member C4 Oxidoreductase P17516
TCMT2 MAPT Microtubule-associated protein tau Unclassified P10636
TCMT223 AKR1B1 Aldose reductase Oxidoreductase P15121
TCMT236 ESR2 Estrogen receptor beta Nuclear receptor Q92731
TCMT280 AKR1B10 Aldo-keto reductase family 1 member B10 Oxidoreductase O60218
TCMT281 DPP4 Dipeptidyl peptidase IV Unclassified P27487
TCMT3 ALOX15 Arachidonate 15-lipoxygenase Oxidoreductase P16050
TCMT41 IDH1 Isocitrate dehydrogenase [NADP] cytoplasmic Oxidoreductase O75874
TCMT423 EGFR Epidermal growth factor receptor erbB1 Kinase P00533
TCMT80 MAPK1 MAP kinase ERK2 Kinase P28482
TCMT82 ESR1 Estrogen receptor alpha Nuclear receptor P03372

Targeted Pathogenic Microbes by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Target Name
TCMT1104 Sortase
TCMT1212 Verticillium dahliae
TCMT1218 Staphylococcus aureus
TCMT1253 Penicillium chrysogenum
TCMT1454 Bacillus subtilis
TCMT1462 Streptococcus mutans

Ingredient Structrues

Ingredient ID: TCMC995
Formula: C35H60O6

Ingredient ID: TCMC948
Formula: C9H8O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC304
Formula: C10H18O

Ingredient ID: TCMC295
Formula: C18H22O2

Ingredient ID: TCMC2484
Formula: C10H18O

Ingredient ID: TCMC2324
Formula: C10H16

Ingredient ID: TCMC2110
Formula: C8H8

Ingredient ID: TCMC1860
Formula: C10H14O

Ingredient ID: TCMC1839
Formula: C7H6O3

Ingredient ID: TCMC1608
Formula: C10H16

Ingredient ID: TCMC1493
Formula: C10H18O

Ingredient ID: TCMC1157
Formula: C10H18O

Ingredient ID: TCMC1031
Formula: C16H22O4


Ingredient ID Formulae Name MW AlogP MlogP XlogP # HBA # HBD PSA # Rotatable Bond # Ring # Heacy Atom Lipinski RO5 Violation
TCMC295 C18H22O2 2-(2-Phenylpropan-2-Ylperoxy)Propan-2-Ylbenzene 270.16 2.0212 3.22 7.716 2 0 18.46 9 2 20 1
TCMC304 C10H18O 2-(4-Methylcyclohex-3-En-1-Yl)Propan-2-Ol 154.14 1.1223 2.45 2.369 1 1 20.23 5 1 11 0
TCMC948 C9H8O3 Coumaric Acid 164.05 -0.339 2.12 1.886 2 2 57.53 4 1 12 0
TCMC995 C35H60O6 Daucosterol 576.44 -0.4469 4.65 10.487 6 4 99.38 19 5 41 1
TCMC1031 C16H22O4 Dibutyl Phthalate 278.15 -1.2084 2.78 5.034 4 0 52.6 12 1 20 1
TCMC1157 C10H18O Eucalyptol 154.14 1.3109 2.45 2.595 1 0 9.23 3 0 11 0
TCMC1493 C10H18O Linalool (+) 154.14 2.4692 2.45 2.468 1 1 20.23 8 0 11 0
TCMC1608 C10H16 Myrcene 136.13 3.0936 2.56 4.17 0 0 0 6 0 10 0
TCMC1839 C7H6O3 Paraben 138.03 -0.7001 1.9 1.07 2 2 57.53 3 1 10 0
TCMC1860 C10H14O Perillaldehyde 150.1 1.308 2.45 2.355 1 0 17.07 3 1 11 0
TCMC2110 C8H8 Styrene 104.06 0.7075 2.34 4.954 0 0 0 1 1 8 0
TCMC2324 C10H16 Limonene 136.13 2.1424 2.56 3.729 0 0 0 3 1 10 0
TCMC2484 C10H18O Terpineol 154.14 1.1223 2.45 1.947 1 1 20.23 5 1 11 0

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