Component: Concha meretricis seu cyclinae 蛤壳

Description of the Component

Component ID
Latin Name
Concha meretricis seu cyclinae
English Name
Clam shell
Chinese Pinyin Name
Ge Ke
TCM Properties
TCM Meridians
Therapeutic Class English
Therapeutic Class Chinese
remove heat and resolve phlegm, soften hard masses and eliminate modulations, and alleviate epigastric pain by inhibiting acid secretion
Geo-authentic habitats (道地产区)
Chinese Pharmacopoeia (2015)
Barcode ID
Barcode Source

TCM Prescriptions with the Component

Prescription ID Prescription English Name Prescription Chinese Name
TCMFx3692 Da Fei Cao 达肺草
TCMFx3834 Dai Ge Powder 黛蛤散
TCMFx1485 Daige Powder, Isatis Venerupis Powder 黛蛤散
TCMFx1204 Daige Powder, Isatis Venerupis Powder 黛蛤散
TCMFx135 Dang Shi Capsule 荡石胶囊
TCMFx3151 Dang Shi Tablets 荡石片
TCMFx3029 Fu Ning Shuan 妇宁栓
TCMFx4070 Hai Ge Powder 海蛤散
TCMF4339 Jing Zhi Ke Sou Tan Chuan Pills 京制咳嗽痰喘丸
TCMFx4278 Ke Chuan Ting Ointment 咳喘停膏
TCMF4699 Lu Ci Xian Pills 鸬鹚涎丸
TCMF4829 Lu Si Ka Pills 鹭鸶咯丸
TCMF1413 Lusika Pills 鹭鸶咯丸
TCMF2565 Lusika Pills 鹭鸶咯丸
TCMF4845 Nei Xiao Luo Li Pills 内消瘰疬丸
TCMF330 Nei Xiao Luo Li Tablet 内消瘰疬片
TCMF4838 Nei Xiao Luo Li Tablets 内消瘰疠片
TCMF4925 Qi Guan Yan Pills 气管炎丸
TCMFx5081 Qing Ge Powder 青蛤散
TCMFx5667 Qing Re Xing Nao Ling Pills 清热醒脑灵丸
TCMF5297 Quan Zhou Bai Cao Qu 泉州百草曲
TCMF2347 Tumor Desovling Decoction
TCMFx5386 Wu Hai Pills 五海丸
TCMFx5394 Wu Hai Ying Liu Pills 五海瘿瘤丸
TCMFx958 Xiao Ying Pills 消瘿丸
TCMFx6433 Xiao Ying Qi Luo Pills 消瘿气瘰丸
TCMFx6439 Xiao Ying Wu Hai Pills 消瘿五海丸

Targeted Human Proteins by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Gene Symbol Target Name Target Class Uniprot ID
TCMT1 EHMT2 Histone-lysine N-methyltransferase, H3 lysine-9 specific 3 Transferase Q96KQ7
TCMT156 CYP19A1 Cytochrome P450 19A1 Oxidoreductase P11511
TCMT2 MAPT Microtubule-associated protein tau Unclassified P10636
TCMT308 OXER1 Oxoeicosanoid receptor 1 GPCR Q8TDS5
TCMT67 PPARG Peroxisome proliferator-activated receptor gamma Nuclear receptor P37231
TCMT735 RXRA Retinoid X receptor alpha Nuclear receptor P19793
TCMT907 FDPS Farnesyl diphosphate synthase Lyase P14324

Targeted Pathogenic Microbes by the Ingredient of Component

Target ID Target Name
TCMT1155 Farnesyl pyrophosphate synthase
TCMT1218 Staphylococcus aureus
TCMT1226 Klebsiella pneumoniae
TCMT1246 Escherichia coli
TCMT1251 Candida albicans
TCMT1438 Plasmodium falciparum
TCMT1442 Leishmania donovani
TCMT1458 Filobasidiella neoformans

Ingredient Structrues

Ingredient ID: TCMC2018
Formula: C7H11NO7P2

Ingredient ID: TCMC1512
Formula: C9H11NO2

Ingredient ID: TCMC1078
Formula: C22H32O2


Ingredient ID Formulae Name MW AlogP MlogP XlogP # HBA # HBD PSA # Rotatable Bond # Ring # Heacy Atom Lipinski RO5 Violation
TCMC1078 C22H32O2 Doconexent 328.24 2.9327 3.66 8.833 2 1 37.3 16 0 24 2
TCMC1512 C9H11NO2 L-Phenylalanine 165.08 -1.0844 2.12 0.441 3 2 63.32 5 1 12 0
TCMC2018 C7H11NO7P2 Risedronic Acid 283 -0.8873 1.13 -3.001 8 5 167.8 9 1 17 0

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