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If you use the database in your research, please cite the publication:

Dongyue Hou, Hanbo Lin, Yuhan Feng, et al. CMAUP database update 2024: extended functional and association information of useful plants for biomedical research.
Nucleic Acids Research 2024; PMID: 37897343; DOI:

Xian Zeng, Peng Zhang, Yali Wang, et al. CMAUP: a database of collective molecular activities of useful plants.
Nucleic Acids Research 2019; 47(D1): D1118-D1127; PMID: 30357356; DOI:
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The CMAUP database is developed by the Bioinformatics & Drug Design group (BIDD) and School of Pharmacy, Fudan University.


826 Zhangheng Road, Pudong New District, Shanghai, China

Principle Investigator:
Prof. Chen Yu Zong
Prof. Zeng Xian

Developer & Maintainer:
Ph.D. Student Dongyue Hou
Mr. Hanbo Lin
Ms. Yuhan Feng