BIAS --- Biology Inspired Art Server

Welcome to our Website

Digital Art and Science Program at NUS

Our Objectives:

  • High quality digital artworks and music to exhibit the beauty and knowledge of science, and to express our feelings towards nature, civilization and diseases.

Our Current Works:

  • Digital art of protein and DNA: 3D structure of protein and DNA is blended with graphic manipulations and digital sounds to present the features and express the impact of proteins and genes.
  • Protein music: A multitude of amino acid properties are used to generate a music that describes the genetic message contained in protein sequences.

Our team members:

Artist and Fine Art Program Leader: Jiang Li

Music Program Leader: L. Y. Han

Web-Design: L. Y. Han, Jiang Li, H.H.Lin and C. J. Zheng

Bioinformatics and computational scientists:

J. Cui, C. J. Zheng, H. Zhou, H. H. Lin, H.L. Zhang

Supervisor: Associate Professor Y. Z. Chen

Please contact us at and, Tel 65-6874-6877