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  BIDD Pharmainformatics Databases
Computed Ligand Binding Energy 
National University of Singapore, Science Faculty, Computational Sci Dept

A database for facilitating the analysis of Drug Binding Competitveness. It contains information about Computed Ligand-Receptor Interaction Energy and other attributes such as energy components; ligand classification, functions and properties.  Ligand structure is also included.

The database now contains 67,184 entries, in which there are 5,978 distinctive ligands and 2,258 distinctive receptors .

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CLiBE: A Database of Computed Ligand Binding Energy for Ligand-Receptor Complexes and Its Potential Use in the Analysis of Drug Binding Competitiveness. X. Chen, Z. L. Ji, D.G. Zhi, and Y. Z. Chen, Comp. Chem. 26, 661-666(2002).

Last update: Sept/21/2008

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