Submission Page:

Two submission methods are provided in the current version of SVMProt.

1. Sequence submission: Sequences in RAW or FASTA format
2. File submission: A file with sequences in FASTA format.

Users can choose three machine learning methods: SVM, PNN, and KNN.

Processing Page:

For sequence submission, the page is refreshed every 5 seconds, and the number of remaining families is provided.

Users can save the page link for retrieving the result later.

For file submission, the result page is displayed. Users can also save the job link for checking the status and getting the final result.

Result Page:

In the result page, the predicted families for each machine learning method are listed. The format of the result page may change according to the machine learning methods user chose. For SVM, the probability of each predicted family is also provided.

Users can further analyze the predicted families by BLAST searching.

Similarity search result page:

Top 20 hits are listed in this page. Users can also click the hyperlink "more..." to get more similar sequences information.