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PROFEAT is a web server for computing commonly used proteins features from amino acid sequence, and interaction network properties from network structure.

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Protein-Protein Interaction Pair Descriptors

upload your protein pair,             or upload sample protein pair

You can EITHER give

protein-protein interaction pair SEPARATELY here:

Sequence A

Sequence B

Sequence MUST be provided in RAW or FASTA format


PPI pairs by upload sequence and PPI pair files here:

Upload Sequences

File format of Sequences can be found HERE

Upload PPI Pairs

File format of PPI Pairs can be found HERE

Length of protein name is restricted to <100 characters

How to cite our database

P. Zhang, L. Tao, X. Zeng, C. Qin, S.Y. Chen, F. Zhu, Z.R. Li, Y.Y. Jiang, W.P. Chen, Y.Z. Chen. A protein network descriptor server and its use in studying protein, disease, metabolic and drug targeted networks. Brief Bioinform. pii: bbw071 (2016).

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H.B. Rao, F. Zhu, G.B. Yang, Z.R. Li, and Y.Z. Chen. Update of PROFEAT: a web server for computing structural and physicochemical features of proteins and peptides from amino acid sequence. Nucleic Acids Res. Jul 1, 2011; 39(Web Server issue):W385-90.

Z.R. Li, H.H. Lin, L.Y. Han, L. Jiang, X. Chen, and Y.Z. Chen. PROFEAT: A Web Server for Computing Structural and Physicochemical Features of Proteins and Peptides from Amino Acid Sequence. Nucleic Acids Res. Jul 1, 2006; 34(Web Server issue):W32-7.

List of Publications That Used the Features in PROFEAT

The earlier version of PROFEAT can be found HERE.

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